Two young sisters let their entrepreneurial wings soar!

Today we have a sweet treat. Two young sisters letting their entrepreneurial wings soar--Layla and Mya created their company Suga Babes with their peers and even us adult Queens in mind. Not only do they host mobile spa parties for girls ages 5-13 which is sure to be an amazing experience, they also have a “sweet” line containing everything we love, from lip balm to lotion bars and whipped body butters. With consistency and tenacity, these two are living their daydream. Support these youngins’ by meeting the Queens of Suga!

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What inspired you to start your business and why?: My mother inspired me and my sister to start our business. Our mother has always been a "hustler mom" we have watched her start businesses and help other women start their businesses. She is very passionate about helping other women and we knew that when we shared our vision with our mother it would be a no-brainer! Anyway guess what...we were right! When we shared our idea and dream with our mom almost 5 years ago she was on board 100%! She was and is a single mom and every extra dime she had she puts in our business.  

Our business, Suga Babes is both a product and service-based business. We sell all natural bath and body products and we host mobile spa parties for girls ages 5-13. We just created a signature line of products, le suga spotte! le suga spotte is where everything is sweet! This line consists of the following: whipped sugar scrubs, whipped body butters, lotion bars, sugar scrub cubes, lip balms, t-shirts, key chains, water tumblers, coffee travel tumblers, journals and key chains.

Our mobile spa parties are the BEST! We come to you and bring everything with us (except the kitchen sink). We bring towels, bowls, chairs, tables, hundreds of nail polishes, products and loads of fun!

What does your company stand for?: All things are POSSIBLE! It does not matter how old you are you can live your dream. You have to have faith and just take the leap of faith. Once you do that everything will fall into place. We believe that God will not give you a vision without provision. We should use our businesses as a vehicle or platform to share inspiration and hope.

We use our mobile spa parties as a platform to share this message with our young clients. At the beginning of each party, we share our story with them and inspire them that they too can live their dream. Our message also never allows the naysayers to get in your ear and live in there. It's hard work, however staying consistent and being persistent will pay off! 

How do you create the life you want?: We are creating the life that we want by creating our own rules! By working hard and never letting up. By collaborating with other like-minded young girls and women. By being humble and compassionate. By being a servant and serving others. Most of all by leading by example and allowing God to lead us!

Where do you find inspiration?: In our mother and by celebrating others. When we see our peers win, we win and that is so inspiring.

How has your business made you a better person?: Our business has made me and my sister a better person by being able to serve others. We have learned a lot about business, customer service, money and so much. We have learned how to deal with difficult people, and how to resolve the situation peacefully and with grace. We see things a lot differently now. We know that money doesn't grow on trees and it takes hard work to get to where we want to go. We appreciate things more. We appreciate our mother's hustle or grind. Our business has truly humbled us. People do not have to spend their money with you and to see people support us is amazing!


What makes you HUMAN?: Loving, serving and leaving an impact others. Our commission is to LOVE one another. We are to serve one another. And we are to leave an impact on the lives of others. If we can leave our handprint in just one life we have done our job. However, our goal is to leave our handprint on many lives!


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