She’s a Healer and in Touch with her Creativity and Feminine Power!

She’s a healer and in touch with her creativity and feminine power. She has a mission to heal and create improved bodies within the Black community, especially women. Mystique Hargrove, the creator of Boho Wellness in North Carolina knows that these services are needed. Taking her knack for wellness from her Grandmother, Hargrove has created a platform that builds better people from the inside out. And the rituals of her grandmother are not going to waste as Hargrove’s passion to help women to conceive, heal and achieve higher levels of intimacy is a different kind of game-changer. This queen specializes in feminine wellness, womb work and soon, doula services. Meet the Queen of Womb Transformation!

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What inspired you to start your business and why?:

The teachings of my late grandmother, Olivia (who was better known as “Mother Canada”). My grandmother is the reason for my passion in wellness and taking care of the body, especially the bodies of the Black community. Growing up, there really weren’t any healing practices, professionals or resources that associated with the bodies of Black people, especially Black women, and learning generations of healing and wellness rituals from my grandmother, even as a child, sparked my interest to be the next generation of healers and advocates for my community.

What does your company stand for?:

Our company aims to increase the awareness of transforming wombs that create magical orgasms, beautiful babies, happiness and amazing self-love with care, education, healing and advocating. My focus is to provide wellness guidance and healing services to individuals who are in need to conceive, have successfully conceived and are need of assistance for successful pregnancies, but also to those who have suffered the loss due miscarriage or abortion or for those who just want to live a life of healing and wellness in general. My mission is to heal and create improved bodies for those in need in the Black community. 

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How do you create the life you want?:

Just by being my true self. I always grew up hiding myself and passion for my interest in healing and wellness even though I was raised around women who taught me to never be afraid to stand out and be different from the rest. Now I stand by their philosophies about one’s true identity and I create my life the way I want to always feel: with love, happiness, strength and liberation.

Where do you find inspiration?:

I find it through self-reflection and the teachings of the women in my family. Femininity and strength was always taught to be embraced. So I tap deep within myself through prayer, worship and meditation to embark on my journey of being more free in my Creator’s creativity within myself.

How has your business made you a better person?:

It has taught me how to be more free to be myself and in my truth. When I’m in my truth, I’m able to create a better healing practice for the community and remove any energetic blocks that may hinder the process of learning and growing more in my practice and knowledge of healing and wellness.

What makes you HUMAN?:

My flaws and loving all of them. My awareness that I have flaws is what makes me who I am. To not feel ashamed and to only embrace them more so I can feel and create a better me each day.


Social Media Handles: Instagram: @bohowellnessconsulting (business) or @mystique.olivia (personal)

Facebook: Boho Wellness