It’s about Motherhood, It’s about Forgiveness

It’s about Motherhood, It’s about forgiveness. It’s about being authentically you and if people don’t appreciate it, you create a lane! At HoneybeNatural we are all about celebrating the black woman and her dreams. In a world of monochromatic beauty, it’s refreshing to hear chocolate drops like, Natasha Hunter, speak her truth about affirming her own beauty. She’s creating the life that she’s always dreamed of and in great fashion - being an example for her daughter! Meet the Queen of Chocolate Apparel in Fort Worth, TX.

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What inspired you to start your business and why?: I started my company due to the lack of positive images regarding dark skin women. Growing up with a darker skin tone often lead to me being the butt of jokes and overlooked by boys in my peer group or we were just sexualized, not really looked at as objects of affection. So I set out to change that connotation with a fun and affirming message that grew from that base. 

What does your company stand for?: It stands for representation of Black Women's triumphs & trials specifically, but some of our themes can be inclusive of all women.

 How do you create the life you want?: You create the life you want by first figuring out what it is that you want and secondly and very importantly action!! So many people stay stuck on dream mode -dreams are just whimsical things "I wish" or "I'd love"- and that's it. They'll never become a reality without a plan of action!


Where do you find inspiration?: I find inspiration in just everyday living. My brand is touted as "the homegirls brand" because it's rooted in just being yourself, and what we do and are day to day. It's rooted in everyday day heroes aka the black woman.

 How has your business made you a better person?: My business has made me a better person by helping me to stay less judgmental of other people and circumstances. It has helped to make me a little more outgoing and more confident when I realize other people have the same struggles that I do. It gives me another tool to be a better mother as my daughter is often with me when I go to different events, it's showing her how she can do her own thing as well.

What makes you HUMAN?: Biology. No I'm just kidding, really I think becoming a mother was just the most humanizing thing in my life EVER... like I feel things I wouldn't have known how to feel had I not given birth to a human that I legit care for, love, would kill for, fight for daily- just... is everything to me! You know, because of her I HAD to learn how to forgive, I HAD to learn how to accept not being perfect, I had to learn a lot in order to even begin to raise of well functioning human being!



Social Media Handles: IG: @chocolatechicktees

FB: Chocolate Chick Apparel (business page)

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