Vanilla Coconut, Orange Kisses and Stress Relief, the body butters you need!

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When you have an idea, it’s better to just go for it. That’s what Shae Harris in #DallasTexas owner of @SNHSkincare did. She decided NO MORE to products not good for her skin and created her own! She pulls inspiration from the people around her and as one of the sponsors for our The Affirmation Summit we can’t be more proud! Shae Harris partnered with our DIY Facial Spray class to teach women how to look in the mirror and affirm themselves when getting ready. Women created their own facial sprays and used SNH Skincare to nourish their skin! With scents like Vanilla Coconut, Orange Kiss and Stress Relief, you’re sure to find your “flava” and if you have commitment issues, the sample pack will be perfect for you. So yes this is a plug! ...but we wouldn’t steer you wrong. Meet the Queen of Skin!

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Where do you find inspiration? or the inspiration to keep going?: Honestly, I love looking up inspirational quotes and listening to motivational speakers to keep me going. Motivational speaker Les Brown is the go-to guy for me I listen to him daily.

What does your company stand for?: We are compassionate about providing high quality and affordable products that are Safe, Natural, and Handmade.

 How has your business made you a better person?: It has motivated and pushed me to grow daily.

"knowing my products will help customers skin feel restored and help them feel more comfortable and confident with their skin."

How do you create the life you want?: By living it as if it already exists.

What makes you HUMAN?: Being vulnerable at times, willingness to accept constructive criticism, speaking up if I have an opinion or disagree with someone. Wanting to grow in all areas of my life.


Social Media Handles: Instagram: snhskincare

 Personal Facebook: Shae Harris


Phone: (682) 553-6662

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