Your Favorite Introvert Speaks!

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Are you introverted and cool? Are you someone who shys away from people, but can work a room at the same time? Do you think you’re misunderstood and lovable all in one? Well, honey...Marsha Badger may be your new best friend! She’s a creatively charged introvert that’s navigating the city of New York as a freelance journalist and naturalista. She wholeheartedly believes that we have the power to write our stories. She believes we can all win. Her blog, Introvert N the City has advice for dating, love, networking and business. Infused with her original style, her blog breaks down all of the introverted myths and offers strategies about staying in the game! We personally loved the, Textrovert article,…. which basically confirms that our communication skills may need a little a tweaking, LOL. We invite you to meet the Queen of Introvert!

What inspired you to start your business and why?: I am a creative. I feel like my purpose in life to to create memorable experiences, author compelling content and inspire others through action. I couldn’t do all of that working for someone else so I decided to create a platform that would reach and inspire others.

What does your company stand for?: Introvert N the City was originally created to dispel the rumors and reputation of introverts. Over time, it has morphed into a platform that inspires people to become their best selves. This transition happened as I myself transitioned in life. As I work to become a better person and follow my dreams, I want to inspire others to do the same.

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How do you create the life you want?: You create the life you want by taking control of the pen that writes each chapter. Monitor your thoughts and recognize that you live in a limitless world. There is nothing you can’t do! What would the world look like if we believed we could achieve or dreams and did the work to execute them?

Where do you find inspiration?: I am mostly inspired by watching others win. One win for some else is a win for all of us. I am also inspired by who I know I can become. It forces me to level up and do the work so that I can evolve into the vision.

How has your business made you a better person?: It’s taught me the importance of consistency and community. Do the work consistently because you never know who is watching. Pay attention to your community. They’re who will support you.

What makes you HUMAN?: Love is what makes me human. I believe the ultimate commandment is to act outside of love. Because of that, I make it my mission to judge less and love more.


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