Honey Drippin' with Honey Baby Naturals


We all can fall in love with a multi-use product. Granted, the owner of said products has the product education to match, then it’s heaven on earth. As the Ultimate Sponsor of our first annual Affirmation Summit, Aisha Crump, has been in the industry for over 12 years working behind the scenes. She’s done it all, from manufacturing to product development and after journeying from engineering and landing in the beauty industry, Aisha took a leap and started the Honey Baby natural hair and skin care brand. Aisha said launching a family brand was a unique concept, because there’s a little something for everyone. Now, her brand Honey Baby has made its way to the shelves of national retailers!


Inspired by her grandmother who would use honey on her hair and skin, Aisha’s interest was sparked. She describes her grandmother as beautiful and one who didn’t wear make-up. So, infusing her grandmother’s self-care practices created a beautiful brand story as honey is the main ingredient in the Honey Baby products. Even more, honey is one of those household items that can be used as a sweetener, healer and now moisturizer.

Even the name has a meaning. The term Honey Baby is a term of endearment that is centered around, love, Aisha said.I call my youngest daughter Honey Baby because she’s a diva. My husband is my Honey Baby. We’re all Honey Babies, Honey Mommies, Honey Daddies, Honey Babies and that’s where Honey Baby came from.”

Listen, it’s all about the Honey, baby. And paired with packaging reminiscent of her grandma's kitchen, infusing honey into the products has been a win-win.

We would be remiss if we didn’t connect the self-love dots. Aisha said not only is honey the foundation of her brand, but birthing the Honey Baby product line gave her confidence. “Honey is a metaphor for that secret ingredient we all have inside of us that makes us better and drives you and pushes you to the next level,” Aisha said.

And the most interesting part? …Men love it too! Aisha sees it first hand with her husband of 17 years who dips in the honey jars frequently. “I’m telling his business, but he’s all into self-care. He’s worse than me,” Aisha said. “HONEY, Daddies go crazy for the Honey Baby. They love the Honey Body Butter and the Body Jelly.” That loves spreads to her three kids, as she uses the Body Jelly for her daughter with eczema and hair her products for the three different hair textures her little ones have.

You see confidence comes in all shapes and sizes and for Aisha, it shows. “People always ask me, why are you so successful and how have you created so much success in your family, in your business, career, education? Her response? “It’s because of my confidence.”

With that said, Aisha wants to encourage you to love your hair texture, walk confidently and celebrate your own beauty by embracing your blessing, flaunting it, loving it and sharing it.

We’re happy to have partnered with this brand who shares our mission of using green products that are free of the extras and to share the message of self love.  

Learn more about the Honey Baby brand by visiting,  www.honeybabynaturals.com and following their social media, @honeybabynaturals.

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