Yoga AND Therapy, sis?! What Else Do You Need…..


With the perfect combination of therapy and yoga, Devyn Walkers fuses her brutal honesty and her real world experience to bring you a host of self-love advice and actionable items. Witnessing the aftermath of her own father's suicide, Devyn became home to negative thoughts and devastating behavior.  Through yoga and counseling, Devyn was able to receive the gift of healing and is now able to give to others. With adding her own millennial twist, Devyn is able to advocate for suicide/mental health awareness in a way that’s authentic and relatable. Her blog is here to encourage you and let you know that it’s okay to be HUMAN, even if that means bumping Cardi B on the way to meditation class. We invite you to meet Devyn Walker from Dallas, TX, the queen of heaven sent!


What inspired you to start your business and why?: My company is a lifestyle brand and I started to encourage others, specifically black women, to live their best lives through achieving wellness. I am a counselor and a yoga teacher so I provide plenty of wellness tips, daily inspiration, yoga tutorials, and everything in between on a relatable level. I started this through my own personal journey of achieving wellness. I lost my father as a young women to suicide and I was the one that found him dead. So I suffer from various mental diagnoses but I know how to cope through them through the things I’ve learned from counseling and yoga



What does your company stand for?: Providing a wellness platform for black women


How do you create the life you want?: Through affirmations, self reflection, meditation, and journaling.


Where do you find inspiration?: I find inspiration through various meditations and bible study.


How has your business made you a better person?: My business helps me practice what I preach to the fullest. I can not be out here teaching women about wellness and loving their best lives if I am not doing it myself.


What makes you HUMAN?: I have days where I’m simply not motivated, when I’m sad, angry, and aggravated but I never shun those emotions away, I allow myself to feel them and experience them. I also am unapologetically myself so whether that means I’m bumping Cardi B on my way to my meditation class then that’s just what it is.



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