Start the year off sexy AF with Alaiyo Waistbeads.

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By: Ade,

Start the year off sexy af with Alaiyo Waistbeads. Waistbeads are the perfect addition to any and all gorgeous body types. Queens can choose from an array of colorful patterns and styles. Not only are they gorgeous additions to that beautiful body of yours, they also serve as a great way to track weight loss goals, with many of us already thinking of improving our bodies for those summer trips. Speaking of summer bodies...have you seen how amazing waist beads look when worn with bikinis and half tops? Check them out, thank us later. Meet Jasai Madden in Canoga Park, CA

What inspired you to start your business and why?

Above all I am a mindfulness instructor. I teach people how to be with what is, exactly as it is, without needing it to be different. I use techniques of refraining to accomplish this including silence, stillness and fasting. Two and a half years ago waistbeads presented themselves to me as a perfect mindfulness tool. When I could no longer track down someone to sell me strands I began to make them out of sheer necessity.

 What does your company stand for?

We are in the business of providing women with opportunities to see themselves more clearly and hold themselves more closely.


How do you create the life you want?

I believe that you must be intentional. You must be able to speak to the life that you want and then move to give that speech life. In order to accomplish either of those things, we need to be fully present in what is going on at every moment and grateful for every opportunity to create our own bloom. 

Where do you find inspiration?

I am inspired by the stories of people's lives. I am inspired by nature, kindness, growth and change.

How has your business made you a better person?

It has taught me to listen. It has taught me that people are most often acting from a genuine non-harmful (even if misguided) place and that compassion goes a long way towards understanding them and myself more fully. 

What makes you HUMAN? 

The truth. The willingness to see and accept truth about myself as well as the truth about other people. A compassionate acknowledgement that we are all doing the very best we can with what we have and what we know.


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