Less is more, especially when it comes to everyday jewelry!

Less is more, especially when it comes to everyday jewelry. Today we would like to introduce all you Queens to the simplistic, yet unique designs of A.Battiste Quality Handmade Jewelry.  Everything you need to complete your swag, from earrings to bracelets, can be conveniently shipped to your front door. Adorn yourselves accordingly ;-) Check out this amazing interview with Alexandria Battiste, the brain behind these stunningly modest designs.

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I started my business in college out of necessity, a little bit of competition and some optimism. I was starting my internship as a teacher, which left me unable to work, but I wanted to make a little extra cash. I had seen other girls making and selling jewelry on campus and I decided that I could do that, perhaps even better! I know, I know lol. My whole life I have been creative, and always dreamed of a creative business that could fund my life and this just seemed like a perfect fit. I started off with literal clay, making pendants, earrings and rings and then moved into metalwork where I rest and create, even now. In the present, the why for this business is so much more to me than extra cash or competition. This business represents a freedom that I desire to have in my life. A freedom that allows me to work at my own pace, inspire through my story, and truly build my own life. 

What does your company stand for?

My company, I hope, inspires others to look and live well. I gathered the concept from a quote on a paint can that said "Wish not so much to live long as to live well." It's a quote from Benjamin Franklin that truly sums up how I'd like to live and inspire others to live through my life, and with the works of my hands. I am a teacher by trade, so I am instantly fulfilled with hugs and love from my students throughout the day. I worried that if I ever went full time I'd miss out on truly being able to touch people. Over the last year or so though, I've had stories of women buying pieces for their friends with cancer and their days being made because they felt beautiful in the face of sickness. I have had ladies purchase my affirmation bracelets because they needed a little more confidence. Perhaps my favorite stories though, are those of women who used my jewelry to make the most special day of their lives, their wedding day, complete. All in all, my company stands for women, and the wellness that I believe comes from looking your best.

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How do you create the life you want?

As a person in the process of creating my ideal life, there's a lot that I have learned. I think that often in the pursuit of the lives we want, we think that it will be easy, glamorous, liberating. It is some of that, but I like to remind myself and others around me that creation, in any form, is often painful, arduous and intimidating. So, how is it that I create the life that I want? Well, I do the practical things. I work my 9 to 5 by day , I save money and spend many nights up making, researching and sometimes crying. I give myself breaks when I need them. I call on friends for help. I allow myself vulnerability. I read books that teach me things I don't know , I ask questions and listen to solid advice. I work hard. I plan ahead so that I can have time to have fun and take breaks. I remind myself that I don't have forever and that procrastination is not my friend. I do what I can while I can and hold myself accountable. I do a lot of the practical things, but I also do the spiritual things. I am a constant whisper of thank you's to God. I pray on my knees, something that I had forgotten was powerful. I speak to God in public--yes I'm a Chance fan. I give all that I have and pray that it is multiplied. I surrender, operate in faith and pray that it all works out. It usually does.

Where do you find inspiration?

Mostly in my dreams. I see myself, my ideal self and know that I have the ability to fulfill that space and be that person. I listen to people who have been where I am, the" Myleiks" and "Oprahs" of the world but also to the "Maris", "Malenes" and "Ms.Yolandas" of MY world. Those women who are successful in their own businesses, who have literally spoken into my life and encouraged me to keep going through my own insecurities and failures. My work, is also mostly inspired by my dreams. I sleep with a sketch pad near my bed. I have seen many of my designs in my subconscious and, it turns out, those are usually my best sellers. 

How has your business made you a better person?

There are a thousand ways that this business has made me better. In the past year especially, it has made me more accountable to myself and others. It has taught me that tough times don't last, but tough people do. I know it's cliche but it is so true. Most importantly though, it has taught me that faith, excellence, preparation and hard work all go hand in hand. There is not success when one is lacking. This business has toughened my skin, strengthened my mind and opened my heart to new ways of being

 What makes you HUMAN?

Remembering myself makes me human. When I look at myself, I realize that I am but flesh on a lil ball floating in the vastness of this universe. I am reminded that my emotions are valid, my dreams are valid and able to be accomplished. I am reminded that I can be hurt, and hurt others and that at the end of this life, I too, will be dust. That makes me human, it keeps me grounded and pressing forward. 

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