Depression is plaguing many Queens, and there is danger in suffering in silence!

“You call me ‘sister’, not because you are my blood, but because you understand the kind of tragedies we both have endured to come back into loving ourselves again and again” -Ijeoma Umebinyuo


Depression is plaguing many Queens, and there is danger in suffering in silence--an open dialogue concerning mental health is crucial to survival. Many suffer directly, but nearly all of us love someone stranded in the abyss of depression whether we know it or not. After battling depression for 30 years, Demetrice Smith started Creeping Vines Online, a forum created to unmask the stigma of mental illness and discuss healing for the hindering influences of depression.

What does your company stand for?

We strive for awareness, assessments, and options for those dealing with depression and other mental illness concerns absent of stigma and shame.

How do you create the life you want?

 Consistency, commitment, and dedication. Living a purposed life and doing the thing i was born to do helps me create the meaningful life I desire and the legacy that is the result. I push when I don’t think it matters to anyone else because i know how important mental health is to overall well being and physical health.

 Where do you find inspiration?

In people, and their stories. Everyone has a trial, testing, and a testimony. Finding the common ground that allows people to take their masks off and share their truth (absent of stigma) and receive help, is one key focus of my company.

 How has your business made you a better person? 

I remember how many masks I wore as well as the misconceptions about mental health and how shameful I was made to feel. “Join the conversation” is a mantra if my business that makes dialogue okay and offers this baseline communication as a starting point: “its okay to say you’re not okay.”


 What makes you HUMAN?

My compassion and service to others. I’m a safe-place and allow people to be where they are without judgment or stigma. I feel the heartache of mothers not knowing how to reach a depressed or suicidal child or family member and being able to provide help, makes this journey worth it.



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