Work hard, play hard...relax hard?

Work hard, play hard...relax hard? Sometimes, you need a helping hand to get that soothing touch. Sharisha Cooper, owner of Sha’s Massagetique, believes that everyone deserves to wind down after putting in some werk. Sha’s Massagetique offers a relaxing and comfortable environment to indulge in some good energy. Who doesn’t look a good vibe (and a good feel!)? Sharisha is using her company to stress the importance of taking care of your body. Health and wellness is essential for your overall growth; especially when it comes to taking care of your body. Don’t let the stressors of life keep you all buckled and knotted; relax. You are allowed to treat yo’self! We’d like to introduce you to Sharisha Cooper, Queen of the Magic Touch!

Where do you find inspiration to keep going and what inspired you to start your business?: I find my inspiration to keep going by being the best mother I can be to my son. Knowing I have those set of eyes watching everything I do makes me push harder than the day before to provide, protect, guide, and teach my son to be great no matter what life may bring. Becoming a business owner allows me to enjoy time with my son while he plays football, basketball, and mommy and son time. I want to show my son that anything you put your mind to is possible. He has seen me work, and work, and work for others. Now he see me work hard to build a brand that he will continue to build on. To create a brand that can be passed on through generations is my goal. And I will not stop until I get there.

What does your company stand for?: Sha Massagetique is a brand to be loved with focus on health & wellness for young athletes and adults.

How do you create the life you want?: I am creating the life I want by removing negativity in all forms. Researching as much as I can to master my craft all while learning new things to add to my craft. Learning to let go of things and people that are not for me, and remaining humble above it all. Let’s not forget pushing as hard as I can to be great at all I do.

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What makes you HUMAN?: What makes me human????

I am very caring of others. At times, too much.

I make mistakes. I learn from them .

Creative, passionate about my career as a Lmt.

Bookworm. Always learning.



Social media handles?: Facebook /Instagram: Shasmassagetique

LinkedIn: Sharisha Cooper

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