Ready, Set, GLOW!

Ready, set, glow! LaVonndra Johnson, aka the Beaute Boss, founded her skincare line, Elle Johnson, with two words in mind: black and bold. We all know when it comes to being a black woman, quality and catered beauty brands is not always available to us on a smooth surface. Johnson not only saw the lack of representation among products, but she also saw a need to boost black women’s self-confidence in general. Embracing the skin you’re is a major key in feeling your best. No amount of make-up can make up the beam you radiate from a healthy skincare routine, and thankfully, Elle Johnson is dedicated to providing skincare options that will enhance your beautiful skin. We’d like to introduce you to LaVonndra, Queen of Serving Face!

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Where do you find inspiration to keep going and what inspired you to start your business?: I find inspiration in making my daughter proud. Seeing her bear witness to my strengths, weaknesses, triumphs and pitfalls makes it all worth it. I also love the personal gratification of a seeing my brand go from an idea to a business plan, and from a business plan to an actual tangible things. Sometimes I step back and think to myself, "Wow, I really have a brand". That feeling is priceless.

I started my skincare line because skincare is something that affects us all, and can dramatically alter your self confidence. I enjoy the makeup looks and the 'beat face' look, but I also think it's become so common place for women to wear these masks, that they feel naked in just their bare skin and I want to change that narrative. I want women to feel just as beautiful in their own bare skin and I use my skincare line as me vehicle to do just that.

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What does your company stand for?: My company stands for diversity and equality. I knew when I first launched the line that the imagery would be consistent with women who look like me. I didn't want to straddle the fence and use women that appear biracial as to not be looked at as a black brand. I'm boldly black, and that's beautiful. I don't need to filter it, or "mix" it with anything else.

How do you create the life you want?: I create the life I want by living on my terms. I determine what success and happiness looks like for me. I make it a priority to have a good work/life balance and spend my time with those people that are important to me. I enjoy a variety of things, from a great read, to a brisk walk, to traveling, and shopping.

What makes you HUMAN?: I think what makes me human is my ability to fall and get back up. Throughout my 15 year entrepreneurial journey, I've had my fair share of falls, but I always get back up. I'm not ashamed or embarrassed. I walk in it boldly, mistakes and all.



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