Glow on Purpose with Chanel Jaali


Chanel Jaali is a mental health professional, entrepreneur, and artist. She is the creator of Glow Photo Series, a traveling photo project aimed to highlight the beauty of Black and Brown women. Her goal is to ask women of all hair textures, body types, ages, abilities, and complexions to pose in a predetermined color in an attempt to shift the perspective of what the standard of beauty should be. “I wanted to create something I wasn't seeing while scrolling through social media,” Jaali said. “Everyone deserves to be represented and everyone deserves to know that they are beautiful.” 

So far, the project has been to DC, MD, Atlanta, Harlem, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Raleigh/Durham, Charlotte, New Orleans and more. Each session starts out with a "sister circle" where the women connect and talk about what brings them joy. Women are able to relate and network, often resulting in new business opportunities and friendships. 
View more of the project at, @glowphotoseries

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