Eat For Your Hair is a unique culinary-type event centered around healthy eats that promote hair growth. A ticket to this event will include food prep for lunch, a smoothie, desert and sponsored bag of hair goodies & treats!


Eat For Your Yoni is a part of the Eat For Your Hair culinary event series presented by HoneyBeNatural Magazine. The purpose of the event is to teach patrons about input and output. Through eat for your yoni, women cook foods together that promote healthy hair, bodies, and skin. 

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Dallas, TX

30 sept 2017

Year #3 was our biggest year yet! We officially launched our #EatForYourYoni series. This event focused on eating for Vagina Health. 

Sponsors: Oyin Handmade, The HoneyPot Co, The Goddess Detox Pearls

Chef: LaShante, The Lifestyle Chef



New Orleans

2 july 2016

This was our first year taking EatForYourHair on the road. Sponsored by a New Orleans based chef who sponsored our first fruit bar! It was a treat to introduce EatForYourHair to attendees at the New Orleans Natural Hair Expo!



Dallas, TX

8 oct 2016

Year #2 was a big year for us as we had more product sponsors on board. This event focused on incorporating avocados into our diets.

Sponsors: Obia Naturals, Oyin Handmade, Keirenae & Crown-N-Glory

Chef: LaShante, The Lifestyle Chef



Dallas, TX

15 AUG 2015

Held at TK Lounge in Dallas, TX. This event launched our EatForYourHair Series. This event focused on incorporating flatbread alternatives into our diets.

Sponsors: Keirenae, NuNaat, Eden Body Works


Chef: Britney Giles, FitXBrit