You’re never fully dressed without a Styleee…


You’re never fully dressed without a styleee. Thrifting for vintage gems and pieces is always a whimsical time, but the fashion ends up meaning more when you really dive into the story behind it. Fortunately for us, Ndi Jeru, founder of Tribe and Sol, is excellent at immersing into fashion and the culture they represent. Tribe and Sol is an online boutique in Houston, Texas that offers casual and comfortable clothing that beautifully embraces all cultures. You are what you wear, and this company inspires you to discover how to embody the roots you’ve grown with; all with amazingly stylish pieces! Define your own story with a variety of styles offered by Tribe and Sol. We’d like to invite you to meet Ndi Jeru, Queen of Hidden Treasures!

Where do you find inspiration to keep going and what inspired you to start your business?: In my youth, I was enthralled by my grandmothers jewels and my mother’s sense of style. I’d scour every thrift store in the city of Houston and alike for vintage. My mom and her best friend owned a brick and mortar. I helped to merchandise and create, that’s set the stage for my career in fashion.

I rely on my faith in God and nothing else. I know He gave me these gifts and there’s a purpose for my life, that gives me strength. That is what #feel the soul is all about.

What does your company stand for?: Tribe and Sol designs lived in daily wear and jewelry with organic shapes, inspired by calligraphy, for everyday people that transforms the common way of casual and comfort. Created by self-taught designer Ndi Jeru, based in Houston. The design process is grounded in spirituality, history, and culture. African roots are the thread of the brand’s aesthetic. Asian culture shapes the identity, with silhouettes from the 1910 - 1920 vintage eras. Size inclusion has been the mantra since conception. We embrace all cultures and all curves through versatility and functionality to enhance the ease of life. Each individual defines their own standard of beauty with the use of style as a sanctuary for balancing movement and meaning.

How do you create the life you want?: I just start, it’s so easy to stop yourself with thoughts, ideas, and the fear of; beginning. I’m a research connoisseur, I put the things I learn into practice and find any way to support someone else. That’s the ultimate fulfillment.

What makes you HUMAN?: I’m an empath. I feel with my whole heart, others struggles and successes. I LOVE to help but I had to rid myself of the savior complex, there’s only one Jesus.



Social media handles?: @tribeandsol and @ndijeru

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