Are you living your best, healthy life?

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Are you living your best, healthy life? Don’t go back and forth about this; go ahead and check out AJA Naturals, bomb products that will definitely have you feeling like a natural woman. Aja Walker-Rice, the founder of this incredible, all-natural, luxury self-care brand, believes that everyone deserves to access to self-care. What’s a better way to start with your skin? Inspired by nature and unwilling to compromise one’s health, Aja is using her brand to promote loving the skin you’re in by taking care of the skin you’re in. Be selective of what you allow into your body; it’s yours for the long-run, honey. We’d like to introduce you to the Aja, Queen of Self-Made Skin Care.

Where do you find inspiration to keep going and what inspired you to start your business?: My inspiration comes from a few places, namely: My family (I want want my children to know that working for oneself is a legit option, and they don’t need to help make someone else even richer to feel accomplished) & my passion & my drive (I just can not sit idly. I never could. I must be multitasking most of the time to truly feel that I’ve gotten the most out of my 24 hrs. Healthy & holistic living is my lifestyle & it’s ever evolving. Natural body care products helped to change my life for the better. Now, I don’t go a day without thinking of a new formulation or how I can approve upon one that’s already been created).

What does your company stand for?: All natural, Vegan (unless otherwise noted- we use Honey on occasion), luxury self care products that are affordable. Everyone deserves to have access to self care.

How do you create the life you want?: When I hear that question I’m always reminded of the saying, “How does one eat an elephant?” The answer: “One nite at a time.”

I work toward obtaining the life I want a little everyday.

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What makes you HUMAN?: My train of thought.

I have worries, self-doubt, fears...I just make a conscious effort every day to turn it all around & focus on the beauty that’s currently in my life & that, no doubt, is to come.

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Social media handles?: @ajanaturals

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