Reshaping the Minds of Black Youth!

We all see the news feeds through our socials or we hear about the tragedies happening amongst our people….BUT how many of us are doing something about it? Tajh Sutton in Brooklyn, New York  decided to step up and took action. Inspired by the execution of Troy Davis and the murder of Trayvon Martin,  through her businesses Young People of Color Incorp. & Loc Love Lives Here, Tajh is reshaping minds to create a more positive environmental outlook. Teaching young people about life and the things that come with being OF COLOR is both difficult and at times heartbreaking to do, but she’s taking on the job with pride by offering practical solutions! That's why we have deemed Tajh Sutton “Queen of the Young People of Color”.

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What inspired you to start your business and why?: While I was a college sophomore, the wrongful execution of Troy Davis coupled with the murder of Trayvon Martin and ongoing conversations spurred by Occupy Wall Street compelled me to leave college where I was studying childhood education to put what I already knew about social justice, performance art and critical thought into practice to create my own education organization. My goal was to bring relatable, inspiring and tangible solutions and conversations to students, families and communities of color.

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What does your company stand for?: Young People of Color stands for youth empowerment, rethinking how we interact with society and one another, holistic and communal healing through self reflection and admission of societal ills such as racism and sexism and bridge building between generations and ethnic ties within the diaspora. It’s sister organization, Loc Love Lives Here, aims to curate conversations and safe spaces for Black Women and girls to discuss the intricacies of the politics of Black beauty.

How do you create the life you want?: I sincerely believe in being the change you want to see and that’s why I love working with young people. When provided with love, space to grow, holistic information and a wide range of options, they astound and impress me every time, and they give me hope for the future. By creating workshops, lessons and programming that inspires them to think critically, be empowered and use their innate creativity to create solutions to our problems, I truly believe I’m helping shape tomorrow’s leaders and it’s an absolute honor.

Where do you find inspiration?: I’m inspired by Black Women living their truth. People who live and share authentically. Individuals who can make mistakes publicly, own them and learn from them. From Lupita Nyongo to Janelle Monáe to Cardi B, I appreciate Queens with all kinds of crowns and I don’t expect them to be infallible.


How has your business made you a better person?: Children are an absolute breath of fresh air and as a mom and educator I think each facet of my life makes me better at the other. As a mom and mentor I’m more open and empathetic in general because kids require so much patience and you have to be quick on your feet with little ones! Adaptation is the key to this thing called life.

What makes you HUMAN?: My vulnerability and genuine love for people mke some human. It also makes me unlikeable to some folks because I believe only the truth can enable us go REALLY love each other and see one another’s humanity. I take it in stride because James Baldwin said ‘if I love you, it’s my duty to make you aware of the things you don’t see.’




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