The Natural Hair Industry Convention 2018 - ATL


November 16, 2017 (ATLANTA, GA)-- The Natural Hair Industry Convention raised the natural hair show bar through their 4th annual convention held in Atlanta on November 12th.  The event presented hundreds of hairstylists who traveled from across the country and internationally for a day of nearly 40 technical and theory-based natural hair classes along with business development workshops. Attendees not only benefited from the robust and in-depth education provided but they also benefitted from opportunities to network and rub shoulders with some of the industry’s greatest. Industry heavyweights included natural haircare pioneer Diane C. Bailey; celebrity stylist and trichologist Dr. Kari Williams; and natural hair artists Essence China, Michelle London, Sherelle Holder and Typh the Braider to name a few.  Leaders of renown natural hair brands showed their support to attendees by lending their expertise and counsel, including Shavonne Riggins of Curlkalon; Cornell McBride, Jr. of Design Essentials; Renee Morris of Uncle Funky’s Daughter; Anita Hill-Moses of Natural Hair Restoration Products; and Bernard Bronner of Bronner Brothers Haircare Products and the Bronner Brothers International Beauty Show.

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 "We are thrilled with all of the positive feedback we've received from our attendees this year,” says Angela Walker, co-founder of the Natural Hair Industry Convention. “Making the show a destination education retreat in Atlanta allowed us to get our full wish list of natural hair industry leaders. We are especially thankful to Curlkalon, Design Essentials, Shea Moisture and Uncle Funky’s Daughter for supporting our efforts toward empowering our industry peers.”

“Our first time in Atlanta has been the best convention yet!” says Susan Peterkin-Bishop, co-founder of the Natural Hair Industry Convention.  “We not only surpassed expectations with overall registrations but we were blown away by the quality of the professionals who attended, including many who are renown in their own right. Atlanta has set us up for an even better convention in 2018!”

Images: IndaHouse Media.

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