Alfena Williams

My name is Alfena Williams and I am 32 years old. I am from Conway, Arkansas.

I am good at doing makeup and I freelance as a makeup artist.

My best personality trait is my encouraging attitude. I plan to inspire women by encouraging

them to focus on their inner beauty just as much as their outer appearance. My personal goal is to to focus on my relationship with Christ and be more active in church. My professional goal is to perfect my makeup skills, start my own cosmetic line and work on my photography skills for the purpose of my business.

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Cormeshia Batty 

Dallas, Texas native, Cormeshia Carson Batty, began a romance with beauty and fashion as a plus-size child, remaking off-the-rack garments into off-the-chart fashions and always rocking the latest and greatest hairstyles. It’s been her lifelong dream to become editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine—a dream that’s not so far from reality.

From a low-fade, to an afro and now, dreadlocks, Batty has incorporated culture, hair fashion and makeup research and application into her writing and come full circle as a lifestyle writer. Today, her position on makeup, accessories, hairstyles, shoes, clothes, weight loss and lifestyle is among the most insightful, witty and unique advice of its kind. And now, she’s sharing it with the world!

Where are you from? Currently Grand Prairie, grew up all over; Army Brat

What are you good at? Writing and taking pictures

Best personality trait? Humorous and Compassionate

How do you plan to inspire women? I plan to inspire women by helping them find their purpose through pursuing their passion with confidence in themselves.

What are your personal and professional goals? My personal goal is to attain deeper knowledge of journalism and photogrpahy, those things make me happy. Professionally, I will use the knowledge I’ve gained to help grow professionally as a writer and blogger.

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Desiree Browden

My name is Desireé Browden. I’m from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I’m usually the person getting the party started, or waking up the crowd. Not necessarily on purpose but a room full of individuals should be embraced and enjoyed.  A highlight of my personality is my openness to new in all aspects; new people, places, things and ideas. You never know If you like something until you try it. My goal to inspire women will be to have them embrace what they have, work for what they want, and be thankful for where they have grown from. I will encourage the women to do what they love at any cost but make healthy decisions that will shape their life.

In the end, I would like to look back on my life and be able to say “It was good to have been there!” I strive to enjoy most of my moments with a smile.  I want to check of every To Do list I have ever made mentally or physically. My ultimate goal is to discover my purpose and use it to fulfill me mentally & spiritually while helping others.

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Shunquetta Goins

Where are you from? Born and raised in Heidelberg MS, now residing Dallas TX

What are you good at? I am smart, creative, self-motivated, and have a thirst for knowledge. Dependability and accountability are words that describe me. I like to take ownership of projects and can effectively multitask without losing sight of important deadlines.     

How do you plan to inspire women? I plan to inspire women by sharing my life experiences and caring nature with others. My energetic personality and enthusiasm for life is contagious. By lending my ear, I am able to offer honest advice and constructive feedback to anyone in need of a friend. Through my living testament, I want to inspire women to push through the fear of failure and aim high when setting goals for themselves regardless of the numerous obstacles that may stand in the way. Over time I have come to realize that without failure, there is no growth.  Fear is an ingredient of both failure and success.  As Denzel Washington once said,  "Fall down seven times, get up eight.  Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship."  

Best personality trait? My best personality trait is my authenticity.

What are your personal and professional goals?

My personal goal is to be happy, healthy, grow my relationship with God, enjoy life, learn to meditate, travel, learn a different language( Japanese, Spanish and ASL) and achieve financial freedom.

Professional goals are to improve my networking skills, video and photography skills, define my brand and a vision for my blog and youtube channel. Create an editorial calendar to be more consistent with both my blog and youtube channel, and take a writing class to improve my writing skills.


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Robin Lindsey

Where are you from: Military brat

What are you good at: Writing, public speaking, empathy, crafts

What is your best personality trait: leadership and integrity

How to do you plan to inspire women: By being transparent with my journey

What are your personal and professional goals: Upon graduating from UTA ‘18 I plan going getting my alternative teaching certification and continuing my path to be a college readiness advisor. My personal goal is to be more open and confident. I strive to have better relationship with God and achieve optimum health. I would like to grow my relationships both personal and professional.

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Destiny De La Rosa 

My name is Destiny De La Rosa and I am 16 years old. I am from the Dallas area and I am good at poetry and softball. My best personality trait is I am caring and outgoing. I plan on inspiring women by showing them inner beauty is more important than outer beauty and also by letting them know they are capable to do anything they set their mind to. I plan to graduate high school with my associates degree. After college I plan on becoming an Prosthetist.

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Mia Garrett 

Where are you from? DFW

What are you good at? STEM and Creativity

Best personality trait? Leadership and responsibility

How do you plan to inspire women? My plan is to help women set their goals in life by inspiring and providing assistance to them.

What are your personal and professional goals? I plan to become a cardiologist to help provide answers to victims of cardiac diseases and etc.

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