How You Gone Win If You Ain’t Right Within?

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The soulful and ever-so-relevant Lauryn Hill once said, “How you gone win if you ain’t right within?” We must excellent point was made. Soul On Purpose, thriving out of Baltimore, Maryland, is dedicated to bringing women of color what they are in dire need of: balance. Life is busy; with our energies being spent in several different directions, sometimes all you need is a little guidance. Tanefa Wallace, founder of Soul On Purpose, believes that guidance stems primarily from holistic self-care. During her journey to self-love, Tanefa constantly reminded herself to put herself first. Rather it was rain or shine, she was always ready to break it down to build it all up again; all while always keeping herself the priority. Soul on Purpose stands for women of color who want to strive in their own goals and dreams, and recognize the key component in being able to do so is starting by living positively for themselves. Tanefa’s book, “The Lies You Tell”, is a powerful 21-day devotional filled with affirmations and scriptures crafted to help guide women of color into feeling confident and secure in finding their divine purpose. We admire your soul, Tanefa. We’d love to introduce you to Tanefa Wallace, Queen of Purpose!

What inspired you to start your business? What motivates you to keep going?: Soul On Purpose was started because I saw so many women of color struggling to manage all that we are called to do. Mothers, moguls and young women making it count all need holistic self-care practice, assistance in finding and honing their purpose and making their mark. I fill that need with a three fold tact; with Reiki, Life Coaching and the books I write under The Write Way publishing imprint. 

What does your company stand for?: Soul On Purpose stands for women of color walking in their purpose and changing their world for the positive by starting with themselves. 

How do you create the life you want?: I create the life I want by having a positive outlook no matter what is happening around me. Meditation and prayer are central to my practice. I choose the things I do, the people I surround myself with, and the way I decorate my spaces, all with the life I want in mind. I also speak goodness and love to myself about myself and others. These things combined help me have a positive and abundant life! 

What makes you HUMAN?: What makes me HUMAN is my soul! The connection that I have to my soul enables me to have empathy and love for my fellow human souls and that to me is what humanity is. 

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(Place on Black) What are three things your want people to know about self-love?: Self-love enables you to love others. Self-love sometimes looks like saying no. Self-love looks good on you because it shows others how to treat you. 

What's something we can incorporate today to start loving ourselves more?: I am a firm believer in affirmations and positive self talk. A lot of times we walk around being really down on ourselves and the inner voice we hear must be loving so that we can love ourselves fully. 

What has been your own journey with self love?: My own journey with self love has been so storied! As a young girl I was inundated with color struck comments and insults about my lips and my rotound behind. It seems like as a lighter skinned woman that wouldn’t be the case but imagine being called cracker girl or piss colored... The effects can be long lasting. I had damaged self-esteem and being molested added to that tearing down of my self-worth. I woke up one day realizing that I had been selling myself short! That made me look in the mirror and pour into myself what I liked about myself. I had to compliment myself. But I also had to forgive myself and those who hurt me to move on from the hurt and pain I was carrying with me. Along the way I was involved in many relationships that showed me where I was in my progress although they were painful in the midst of them, they taught me about myself and who I truly was once I was able to separate myself from the emotional entanglement and see things clearly. I used those experiences to teach me about myself and what I deserved and want in my life. Then I used prayer, scripture, meditation, reiki and affirmations were the tools I used to bring myself back from the brink. 

Leave an affirmation for readers.....: I am powerful beyond measure. 

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Social media handles?: @Soul_On_Purpose 


Any books or apps recommendations?: If there is any book I would recommend it would be mine! The Lies YounTell - A 21 Day Affirmation Journey Back to Your Truth. It’s a book of affirmations and scriptures that assist in refuting the lies we hold on to that are holding us back from being the Soul On Purpose we are meant to be. 


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