Confidence is a look that makes everyone of all shapes and sizes glow!

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Confidence is a look that makes everyone of all shapes and sizes glow. That value of feeling good and looking better is available for everyone. Fattshirts, based in Dallas Texas, is a clothing line that is encouraging women to gain some well-deserved self-esteem. Lisa S, the fabulous owner of Fattshirts, is creating her dream life by working tirelessly towards her inspiring endeavors. While on her journey to self-love, Lisa realized that she can’t be a service to others unless she first serviced herself. By taking the time to making herself a priority whenever it’s most needed, Lisa is able to recharge and recommitt herself to one of her many purposes: empowering others. Fattshirts is a business that represents owning your body and having immense pride for the way that you were uniquely made. “The Life of Asil”, authored by the amazing Lisa herself, is the perfect read for any young women going through self-esteem issues and insecurities. We are pleased to introduce you to Lisa, Queen of Tees!

What inspired you to start your business? What motivates you to keep going?: I created my line of T Shirts to take the insult/stigma out of the word FAT. I am a plus model/content creator and have always been very assertive & confident however I know personally so many plus size women that are not. Many curvy women are super sensitive about the word FAT. I wanted to take the power back from others using the word FAT to degrade and belittle plus women. My shirts are trendy & provoking. My most popular seller is FAT&FLEWEDout taken from the urban term Flewed out. Meaning plus size ladies are fabulous and can be flown out as well. I love how people are loving the shirts and buying them because they like the quotes. The FAT and FLEXIBLE is also a big seller because so many plus size curvy women are active and workout so they really love that one. The shirts are empowering and encourages curvy women to kick up their self esteem. Doesn’t matter if you are a plus-size woman on a journey of better health, weight loss or self care, you should hold your head high and never lower your expectations for anyone.

What does your company stand for?: Fattshirts stands for empowering women size 12-26 to value themselves and know their worth. Love themselves and stand tall.

How do you create the life you want?: Every day I strive to be better than I was yesterday, I set out to learn something new every single day. Through reading or meeting someone new in my community. I am an entrepreneur so being social and getting my products to people is a essential part of my business. I also am a author of a teen book on self esteem The Life of Asil. Although my book is sold through Amazon and book fairs I don’t depend on that for others to find my book. I ask churches and schools can I come read excerpts from my book. I’m constantly spreading the word about my book. I use myself and love for fashion as a opportunity to sell my T-shirt’s. Being a entrepreneur is hard work much harder than working a traditional job but so rewarding. I have definitely created the life I want by not being boxed into a office or behind a desk somewhere. I am a people person and my skills are much better served in my community and encouraging younger women. Every day I thank God that he is letting me use my skills & talent with young women and being able to go to schools and speak. Definitely living the life I created.

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What makes you HUMAN?: My compassion and desire to help women see their unique one of a kind beautiful. That may sound weird but through my years of modeling I can easily help women develop and play up their best assets. Sometimes women don’t realize how unique, different or blessed they are to have something on their body that they pay no attention to. I have a girlfriend that has amazing teeth and smile. She literally can show every tooth when she smiles. I said girl you light up a room with your smile you really should smile more and use it to your advantage. This advice has helped her land some wonderful bookings.

What are three things your want people to know about self-love?: Self Love is nine times out of ten something that had to be worked on. Men usually seem to be born with self love and know how to automatically put themselves first. Women are more you go first I will go last attitude. This has to change

1. If you don’t have self love start reading self help books.

2. As corny as this sounds look in a full length mirror and find something you love and appreciate about you. Your brain, your memory, your quick wit, your small waist, your hair texture, legs, feet it can be anything but start there. Appreciate what you were given by God.

3. Self Love can only be validated or given by you and the creator. The wonderful thing about it is once you discover it, you become confident and probably will not find yourself in a unhealthy relationship because you love yourself and know your self worth. It’s almost impossible to accept inferior treatment when you have self love.

What's something we can incorporate today to start loving ourselves more?: Honestly talking to my women as hard as it may be you have to end unfulfilling, draining situations and relationships. The weight of that off your mind and shoulders is self love. We as women carry around too much unnecessary problems of others.

What has been your own journey with self love?: I always add myself into anything I’m doing for others even if it’s my children. I use to run myself in the ground making sure everyone was happy around me. Literally until I was past exhaustion but there has to be a balance in life. God did not put us on this earth to be a footstool for anyone. As much as I love my family and children I have to give myself the time and attention to recharge my battery and know that a once a month massage and spa day is not a luxury but something I worked for and deserve. Also if I don’t give my self love I will not be good for my family.

Leave an affirmation for readers.....: I believe.....

That is my affirmation of 2019. I believe I can do anything with prayer and work. I believe anything is possible to turn around in your favor. I believe you are special and deserve Favor. This reminds me one of my T-shirt’s is FAT & FAVORED.

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Any books or apps recommendations?: The Life of Asil

Get this book for a teen in your life that may be having some body image, self esteem issues.

All Sarah Jakes books.

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