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Beauty is found everywhere. In magazines, in movies, in the ever-growing social media platforms...most importantly, beauty is found in yourself. The Modeling Standard, based in Dallas, Texas, is committed to revealing to women how gorgeous they truly are, inside and out. DeAna Fierce, who is just as true to her last name as she is to her mission, navigated her own journey to self-love by listening to God’s truth rather than doubtful thoughts. DeAna was compelled to start The Modeling Standard to give women the opportunity to shine and recognize their undeniable worth, especially in a world where there are limited spaces that allow beauty inclusivity. The Modeling Standard stands for the one standard that is absolutely essential: the one you set for yourself. When she’s not reminding women of the treasure that they are, DeAna’s only growing more powerful by reading two of her favorite books, “The Power of Now”, by Eckhart Tolie, and “Unf*ck Yourself” by Gary John Bishop. We see you, DeAna. And we are loving what we see. We’re excited to introduce you to DeAna Fierce, Queen of Setting Standards.

What inspired you to start your business? What motivates you to keep going?: I started The Modeling Standard as a mission. A mission to change the way society views modeling to be only made for a certain 'type' of woman. I started my business to show the world that beauty and modeling skills are within every type of everyday woman. All they need is to be taught how to do it and given the opportunity to shine.

What does your company stand for?: The Modeling Standard stands in the place for women who are atypical, diverse and needing a place to go to learn how to pull all of their self-esteem out to the front and show themselves what they are made of. My company stands for what the standard really should be when we ask women to show up on camera and share a piece of themselves.

How do you create the life you want?: I create the life that I want by staying true to who I am and what I want in my life. I only have one life, it is my responsibility to make the best out of this one opportunity that I have. I do this by having daily affirmations, praying and truly showing up every day as DeAna.

What makes you HUMAN?: What makes me HUMAN is my outlook on life and how I see others. How I view other people is as a human being. Someone who has a story has a past and is on a current journey in their life, just like me. I see the world for what it is and I strive to make a positive impact versus sitting back and just watching or complaining about it.

(On Black) What are three things your want people to know about self-love?: Self- Love...

Starts from within. Self Love Is a golden ticket to a purposeful life.

Is the most valuable give you can ever give your whole life, don't cheat yourself.

What's something we can incorporate today to start loving ourselves more?: Better self talk. Changing the conversation between our ears. The one conversation that drives more doubt and fear than anyone else that is standing face to face ever could. It is all about the dialogue we have with ourselves that needs to change. Once we acknowledge that, connect it to what we feel of ourselves in our hearts THEN we can make huge strides to start loving ourselves the right way.

What has been your own journey with self love?: My journey with self-love is still one I am on today. I have struggled with self love since I was in middle school. I use to tell myself every day, that I was ugly because I had blemishes on my skin from acne breakouts. I would not leave the house without makeup. The dialogue in my head has been negative for many years. So negative that it made me create a life that I wasn't proud of because I was not fulfilling my purpose all because... of the voices in my head telling me I would fail or that I wasn't good enough. For the past 3 years, I started practicing more self-love and have pulled back the layers of who DeAna really is, what she stands for and I have started listening to the truths of who I am and who God made me to be and turned down the volume on the voices in my head.

Leave an affirmation for readers.....: Nothing has been stolen from me. What is meant for me, will be for me.

God has gone before me and has secured everything that he has assigned to me, no one will take it from me.

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Social media handles?: @deanafierce on Instagram

@thedeanafierce on Twitter

Any books or apps recommendations?: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Unfu*k Yourself by Gary John Bishop

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