Toners and scrubs and all essential things...these are a few of our favorite greens.

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Toners and scrubs and all essential things...these are a few of our favorite greens. Going green is a bomb movement to be apart of, and 103 Collection is a magical brand that’s perfect to start experimenting with! Based in Schereville, Indiana, Melinda Herron started this brand when she was looking to live a healthier, more conscious lifestyle. What better way to start than with your roots? Literally, roots; Melinda and her husband began to craft plant-based products to help treat allergic reactions, skin conditions, and other irritating skin troubles that may have us feeling down. If you’re looking to get your skin on track, this brand is a lovely place to start! We’d love to introduce you to Melinda, Queen of Plant-Based Skincare!

What inspired you to start your business? What motivates you to keep going?: 103 Collection, founded by husband and wife Melinda & Delfondo Herron wanted to create a Conscious Lifestyle Brand for Men & Women. The passion behind 103 Collection was a direct connection between suffering from allergic reactions, chronic skin conditions and discovering

that many of the toxic ingredients in our everyday products were probably the triggers. We decided that we wanted to live a healthier life by using plant-based products. So we started mixing products in our kitchen. We not only wanted to create a unisex lifestyle brand that could appeal to a diverse mix of consumers, we also wanted to have a business to share and pass on to our three sons Donell, Daelon and Mekhi.

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What does your company stand for?: We are a Conscious Lifestyle Brand that encourages plant based vegan products for people with sensitive skin, allergies, and skin conditions.

How do you create the life you want?: I've always dreamed big and worked hard. Since the age of 14, I've worked and invested in myself, because I knew I always wanted to be a success entrepreneur. I believe that you can always have the ambition to create but without faith, you don't trust that it will happen. I set goals and ask God to guide my steps to push me closer to success, and this journey may have hard lessons to be learned but I always find value in those setbacks.

What makes you HUMAN?: I am such an honest person and wear my emotions on my sleeve, so it's very hard for me to not show my emotions whether I'm happy or disappointed, but in those moments I say thank you or a quick prayer and move forward with faith. I make mistakes just like everyone else but I'm the girl keeps it moving.


Being a wife, mom, sister, cousin, and friend I celebrate life with each person that is breathes the same air as me. I am truly a giver and supporter and always offer myself as the person that steps up when help is needed.

What are three things your want people to know about self-love?: Without self-love you can't discover who you really are.

Self-love enlightens your sense of being a woman.

Discovering self-love provides you with a creative spirit in business and life.

What's something we can incorporate today to start loving ourselves more?: I think the most important factor of self-love is a women's intuition. If you feel like you need a personal day, take it. If you feel like your child is not telling the truth, believe it. If you feel that you and the hubby need a weekend get away, plan it. Self-love is very important for you but it's also important for those that you love dearly, because energy is transferable and when one discovers self-love, they understand that in order to love someone else you must love yourself first.

What has been your own journey with self love?: My journey to self love started in 3rd grade. I was called a nerd because I wore glasses and tested higher than the other students in the class. I tried my best to not cry in front of those kids so when I got home I cried like a baby. I couldn't understand why kids would make fun of me for being smart, but my mom quickly made me realize that those children were probably facing difficult situations at home and never accepted the possibility of being the smart kid in the class or even graduating college. That situation help me discover self-love and to never dim my light when I'm shining. I learned to love my glasses and my good grades, and when I graduated from college, I looked back on that day and realized that I could have let that moment set the tone for my life but I choose to love the person I was and 3 degrees later, I can definitely say my journey to self-love was all worth it.

Leave an affirmation for readers.....: When Get You Give, When You Learn You Teach ~ Maya Angelo

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Social media handles?: IG, Facebook, Twitter @103collection

Any books or apps recommendations?: Fearless Faith + Hustle 21 Day Devotional by Arian Simone

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