Home is when the clothes fit you just right, leaving you feel more than allllright.

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Home is when the clothes fit you just right, leaving you feel more than allllright. Take the comfort of home with you by dressing yourself up in confidence and style. Erin Clark, founder of 2632 Lexington, cleverly named her company after the address of her childhood home, the place she familiarizes with comfort and love. Based in New Orleans, her company is encouraging women to be as extra and vibrant as they want with their clothing. The way you dress should be a statement of how you feel; feel confident and secure in any sense of fashion you chose is the best fit for you. Home is where the style is; find yours and embrace it proudly. We’d like to introduce you to Erin, Queen of Confident Clothing!

 What inspired you to start your business? What motivates you to keep going?: I was inspired by my greatest fear of coming up short to show my daughter that she could be more than a wife and a mother. She could move mountains if she wishes. I needed to be more for her so that when she gets older she can be more for herself, a lesson I learned later than I should have!

What does your company stand for?: My company is for women who are a basically extra! Lol! What that means is that they love comfort and simplicity, but will always jazz it up! What’s casual!? Clothing to make us feel confident whether we are on the go, with our children, or out on the town!

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How do you create the life you want?: I don’t think that’s easy. I don’t want to create a life that I want, I can’t see the biggest picture— only God can see that. I want the life that leaves me fulfilled, a life that God intended for me. I will work hard and smart with what He gives me!

What makes you HUMAN?: My undying love for others even when they aren’t deserving; I’m not deserving. The fact that I have to remind myself that perfection isn’t attainable. Not being able to attain a perfect twist out so I cut all my hair off! Lol! The ability to look in the mirror and not love all of my flaws but accept them with a smile because I am perfectly imperfect.

What are three things your want people to know about self-love?: It’s possible.

Perfection isn’t attainable.

Love yourself more than anyone else because that love will push you to do amazing things.

What's something we can incorporate today to start loving ourselves more?:

Acceptance and will power to change the things we don’t like.

What has been your own journey with self love?: My journey has never been easy, but I’m strong because of it. Being dark skinned was very hard growing up. I was called everything but a child of God! I have amazing parents that made me know my beauty inside and out. My confidence didn’t come without struggle or tears. Words hurt, you keep them with you. Prayer works, figuring out who you are besides what you look like works, being kind and being loved because of your heart works! That’s in short.

Leave an affirmation for readers.....: I affirm that over all things I will live my life to make myself proud, fulfilled, and at peace.

Email Address: erine_clark@yahoo.com

Website: http://www.twentysixthirtytwo.com

Social media handles?: @wear.2632


Any books or apps recommendations?: Books: The Five Love Languages

The Alchemist

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