It’s one thing to live honestly. But have you been talkin’ it like you walkin’ it?

It’s one thing to live honestly. But have you been talkin’ it like you walkin’ it? Allicia Washington-White, founder of I am Allicia, is using her business to encourage women to speak their truth, by any creative, transparent means necessary. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I am Allicia acts as a multi-talented service: events, podcasts, hosting, writing, you name it! Whichever platform you need to help elevate living in your truth is made available by Allicia. We love a queen who can do it all!

What inspired you to start your business? What motivates you to keep going?: Experiencing life inspired me to start this business venture. It encompasses everything I love to do--event planning, podcasting, writing, and hosting. I have always been multi-talented, and I decided to share my talents, under one name and one brand.


What does your company stand for?: My company stand for honesty, integrity, creativity, and transparency.


How do you create the life you want?: The use of vision boards and the power of the tongue is a mighty thing. When combined, and used often, one has the power to transcend their life. I set quarterly goals for myself, and I create a vision board for the year. What is equally important (if not more) is remaining humble and not becoming discouraged is someone is further along than you are. I also surround myself with people who may be further along in their business journeys to help provide me with mentorship and guidance. Lastly, I work, but balance everything I have to do with a self care routine. When you are the face of your brand, you have creative control over every single aspect of it so posting, photo shoots, writing, engaging, etc takes up time and I make sure to stay grounded with self-care.


What makes you HUMAN?: Emotions. No matter what we experience, each one is tied to an emotion. Happiness, pride, self-doubt, anger, humility--you name it. Emotions are the one thing that makes everyone human. Emotions are universal and we must remind ourselves that it is OK to experience them.


What are three things your want people to know about self-love?: People want to know how to do it! It sounds like a simple concept, but many people were never taught how to love themselves. People also want to understand how self-love influences some of our behaviors and decisions. Lastly, people want to know what it looks like, and it looks different for everyone.



What's something we can incorporate today to start loving ourselves more?: Stating "I AM" affirmations to ourselves. Start with that phrase and whichever phrase the follows becomes your truth. Meaning, if you believe you are ugly, then chances are you will act as such. However, if you believe you are beautiful, you will carry yourself a such and our aura will follow.


What has been your own journey with self love?: I am grown into an introspective being. After a breakup, I allowed myself to fall apart and rebuild from the ashes if you will. I dated myself and bravely did things alone-I traveled, went out to restaurants, and movies. I had to become comfortable with making myself happy. I started to take charge of my own happiness, I appreciated what made me unique, and I no longer cared about the opinions of others. I felt free to be me as cliche' as it may sound. I stopped being over critical about my body--I now love my narrow feet, round cheeks, long arms, and full waist.


Leave an affirmation for readers.....: What I say and what I have come to believe is: "Don't be afraid to fall apart, it provides you an opportunity for growth. Growth requires us to get comfortable with being uncomfortable." Joyce Meyer 

Any books or apps recommendations?: "With Love"-Steph Crosley

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