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When you’re able to enjoy the music, that’s amazing. When you’re able to understand the lyrics, that’s meaningful. But when you’re able to take the music and work with it to your best advantage...that’s powerful. Kosolu Ananti, a rhythmic dancing queen, founded afrikoPOP Fitness in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, after a personal tragedy in 2016. Kosolu saw how good it felt to embrace your body through dance, and since then she’s been creating exhilarating and creative workouts for her classes. Kosolu’s number one mantra for affirmation? It’s a simple, yet powerful, one: “I am enough.” You surely are! We’d love to introduce you to Kosolu, Queen of afrikoPOP!

What inspired you to start your business? What motivates you to keep going?: I had the idea to create afrikoPOP two years before I started it. It was after the death of my first born son that made me finally create afrikoPOP in 2016. afrikoPOP fitness combines modern west African dance moves with body sculpting exercises set to an afropop beat. What keeps me going is how I feel when I create a workout and the people that come to my class.

What does your company stand for?: Embracing what your body can do through dance. Not apologizing for who you are but loving yourself and treating yourself kind.

How do you create the life you want?: Finding the positive in every situation. Learning to be content but not complacent.

What makes you HUMAN?: Flaws, mistakes, not taking myself too seriously.

What are three things your want people to know about self-love?: Accept who you are, take time for yourself, forgive yourself.

What's something we can incorporate today to start loving ourselves more?: Tell yourself, "I am enough!"

What has been your own journey with self love?: I had to learn to have time for myself, not just working out but calming my mind. Being intentional with my personal quality time. I don't have to be superwoman or take on everything on my own.

Leave an affirmation for readers.....: I am enough.

Email Address: kasa@afrikopop.com

Website: http://www.afrikopop.com

Social media handles?: afrikoPOP fitness on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter

Any books or apps recommendations?:

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