Ratchet + Worthy: Special Interview with Bre Scullark


The essence of becoming is one that takes strength, courage and wisdom. Strength to do the work, courage to accept the journey and wisdom to make the best decision for yourself and those attached to you. Becoming is one of those unexplained things and many times you realize how far you come after you’ve reached your destination. It’s you being a partner to your own destiny and helping to manifest the YOU you see.

For Bre Scullark, it’s the ratchet and worthy parts that have blossomed her into a fierce advocate for peace and self-love. She is one to remember. She is a daughter, sister, partner and friend. Not to mention, a certified YOGA instructor for @liberationprisonyoga, trauma specialist and survivor, founder of Urban Peace Squad and Ambassador for Honey Baby Naturals. You can also find Bre, modeling, expressing and just being. She fuses urban, dreamy and art in way that's captivating and self-reflecting. Her spirituality gives her the courage to constantly work at uncovering and discovering parts of herself and she encourages you to do the same! She’s the kind of compilation dreams are made of. And she’s taken ownership of her power by helping to heal others - no matter how painful and personal it may be.

Photographer: Jaye Sant ( www.instagram.com/jaye_sent )

Photographer: Jaye Sant (www.instagram.com/jaye_sent)

It’s our pleasure for Bre to share her thoughts on spirituality, worthiness, self-love and owning your un-doneness.

What does being spiritual look for you? Spirituality looks like courage! It is constant work to uncover and discover parts of self.

How does one even know that they are spiritual? I don’t think it’s a matter of knowing. For me it’s a practice of being. Being courageous enough to have faith, to dig deeper and to trust that all things will work out the way they are intended to be.

Is more spiritual something someone can become? In my opinion, like anything else in life, practice makes progress. To practice operating from your highest self, a shift will happen naturally.

Humility: I will never "arrive" to some spiritual finish line. There will always be more work to do.

Acceptance: I may not like everything I uncover about myself but I honor where I am and I have a choice to do something different.

Gratitude: I am grateful that I can choose to look at self and strive to be a better version if I choose to.

Service: Self Esteem is built through esteemable acts. Being of service to others strengthens character and helps the world motion forward.

Belief: Believing in something greater than myself will not only motion me forward but it will also help move the world gracefully into a better way of living.

How does yoga play a part in that ownership or any of your businesses? Yoga for me, is the practice of being present through all moments, whether pleasant or unpleasant. It’s helps me to move gracefully through both sides of my life as a swinging pendulum.

How do you operate when you are transitioning changes and new challenges? I breathe and put one foot in front of the other until more is revealed.

What’s the biggest mistake people make when defining “self love”? In my opinion, many people confuse grooming themselves aesthetically as “self love" but from my personal experience, if I’m empty on the inside, what I look like on the outside means absolutely nothing.

What does “worthiness” mean to you? I’m still defining it for myself. The meaning grows when I do. For now, I’d say worthiness is to be deserving of. I am deserving of the love I give to others to give to myself unapologetically. And without compromise or limits.

What’s something you want women to know about their worthiness? You are worthy. Your worth is waiting for you to see it, to bask in it, and to wear it proudly as if you were coaching others on how to do the same.

Anything else you want to include? Love is Love. Long live Urban Peace :)

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