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Sometimes when life happens, it really happens! As a human, we can only adjust along the way because quite frankly we can't prepare for everything. Courtney Pack decided to turn the tragic experience of her mother's passing into the beautiful creation of her business Beauty.Happiness.Healing LLC in Atlanta, Georgia. Realizing the lack of self care within herself, Pack created therapeutic products to encourage more self care and self love. Can we also mention that her products have the cutest names! In this crazy world, we live in, you have to understand you're not alone sis. Mental stability, self care and self love are all necessary for strength and peace of mind. That's why we are deeming Courtney Pack as the Queen of Beauty.Happiness.Healing

What inspired you to start your business and why?: In 2014, after my mother passed away, I started to have moments where I felt like I needed to take on her tasks because she did SO MUCH in our family, while barely having enough time to care for herself. To be honest, I cannot remember the last time my mother did anything related to self-care because she was always doing for others…and so I tried to pick up the same tasks plus more…in order to keep my mind off of the hurt and pain, only to dream about my grief throughout the night. So I wasn’t really facing my pain because I was trying to throw sugar on it every day. My depression and habit to allow me to be overworked led to a great deal of stress and no time for my thoughts, feelings, self-love, or healing. But what I also realized is that what my mother did is exactly what every woman does naturally as a nurturer, take on a huge amount of responsibilities so that others can be well.

 Now, to this day, people always ask me how I would allow myself and my body to take on so much stress? Great question, I just felt like it was naturally in me, as a woman, to overfill my plate with entrees that did not nourish nor do me any good mentally. Because at the end of the day, my plate for my inner self was always empty; I gave and gave until I couldn’t give anymore, and still tried to give. But the more I thought I was Wonder Woman, the greater the stress, and this time my body reacted. Everybody that knows me, knows that my help for people does not stop, ever. Up to the point where I experienced the burden of major depression, I was eating well on a plant-based diet, getting back into running, and making sure I was getting plenty of rest. But soon enough, my stress prevailed and I had to come to terms with my own body. At this moment, not only was I beginning to find joy in silence and soul searching, but I also began experimenting with natural essential oils, herbs, and spices to repair and soothe my body. These essential oils are depression aids, anxiety fighters, and health boosters, and are included in each product that I make for Beauty.Happiness.Healing.

 What does your company stand for?: Beauty.Happiness.Healing LLC, carries a collection of therapeutic handmade small batch goods including whipped shea body butters, body scrubs, and soy wax candles. All products are handmade by me, and include an essential oil or ingredient that is beneficial for mental stability, self-love, meditation, and inner focus while empowering and uplifting women. The product line inspiration stems from personal experiences that opened my heart and mind to focus more on self love and self care.


1. To connect with women by creating a product line focused on self-care and self-love.

2. To empower and strengthen women through daily affirmations and motivational messages.

3. To spread the mission of the product and collaborate with various female entrepreneurs to build a strong community of women.

 How do you create the life you want?: Being selfish, creating a self-care plan of action, being content, staying humble, and remaining determined.

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Where do you find inspiration?: My inspiration comes from my own silence and self-discovery.I've learned that in order for me to be an effective creator, I have to tap into my own inner healing and remember why I started.

How has your business made you a better person?: My business has played a HUGE role in my self-development. It has taught me to focus more on my inner peace, built my confidence, allowed me to express myself and tell my story, and molded me into a stronger woman.

What makes you HUMAN?: Transparency. I am not perfect, and I make sure that I share every piece of my experience with my community of women because you never what the next person is going through. I am very transparent about my journey, and I plan on creating a platform for women to continue to do so.



Social Media Handles: Business IG: @beauty.happiness.healing_llc

 Personal IG: @mscourtneyariana



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