Mental Health: Helping YOU Work Through This Maze Called Life


Mental Health Month was last month and we are proud of every brave soul who told their story. Mental health is nothing to be ashamed of. Mental health is nothing to keep silent about. Mental health does not equate to crazy. Those are FALSE ideas and assumptions! EVERYONE should take responsible measures to maintain a positive, healthy mind. Life will be life forever, so there are times where situations become too much for you to bear alone. Tatiana Smith has taken her love for others and brought TSmith Counseling to life. Helping people work through this maze we call life, Tatiana is most def the Queen of Mental Awareness.

What inspired you to start your business and why?: What inspired me to start my business is first my entrepreneurial spirit and then my passion for assisting others during difficult times. What I love about being a mental health professional is seeing people accept themselves for who they are, loving themselves where they are and being OK with not being OK. I love to see people accept their differences and walking into their greatness. This also inspired me to start a podcast called Talking Off The Couch about mental health and wellness and breaking the stigma within the communities of color. I want to get the word out that going to talk to a mental health professional is healthy and that it does not mean you are crazy.

What does your company stand for?: TSmith Counseling stands for healing, growth and change. It is Understanding Your Before so that you may have a Greater After and Knowing that you are in Charge of Your Change!

How do you create the life you want?: The life I have is full of fulfilment and I create it by making sure that first I love and take care of myself and needs, by having a church community, relationship with Christ, quite time and fun. Then, I focus on what my purpose is which is helping others heal. Service is big for me as well.

Where do you find inspiration?: I find inspiration from my parents and just the resiliency of our people. It's the lessons that my parents have taught me to look at life as glass half full. Also, my inspiration are those who are on a mental health journey and the are not ashamed. They walk with grace knowing that they are growing.

How has your business made you a better person?: My business has made me a better person because it has stretched me to the lengths and tested my faith that I didn't know I had. It has showed me that I am a Boss Chick in every sense of the word. It has proven that what you put your mind too can be achieved in the proper timing.

What makes you HUMAN?: What makes me HUMAN is that I have the spirit of procrastination as many of us do, but it empowers me to do better and know that what I tell my those who utilize my services is true that I am in charge of my change.



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