The Salon Experience of a Lifetime


Fawnne Smith of Virginia Beach, VA has the sweetest heart. We thought when reading the Fawnne story she would speak about her awesome salon, but she gave us so much more. We could hear it in her story that’s she's all about building a supportive community full of entrepreneurs and cultivating an amazing experience for her clients. We could also hear it in her story how much she loves her children and how much they have positively influenced her entrepreneurial journey. It’s pretty sweet if you ask us. With hard work, Fawnne from Virginia Beach, VA is showing her children that you can work hard to build the life you’ve always wanted. She didn’t despise her small beginnings and for that, she’s the queen of Salon Noa!

 What inspired you to start your business and why?: My children inspired me to start my business. I wanted to show them that if you work hard you can have anything. I started my business with one station, one sink, and one chair and I came in daily, worked hard and took the fruits of my labor and put it back into the business and watched it grow. Having my children by my side along the way to see my dream grow was life changing. I just wanted to be a great example for them.

What does your company stand for?: We are a company that offers a great salon experience. I wanted to offer a small salon setting that gives great customer service, professional haircare that includes NATURAL HAIRSTYLING and an AMAZING experience. A place where anyone will feel welcome and leave feeling beautiful.

How do you create the life you want?: I set goals and share them with family and close friends and ask for their support. They hold me and make sure I stay on track, including daily phone calls and motivating emails. With a solid support system it will allow me to grow on a daily basis and stay true to myself. I would not be where I am without them.


Where do you find inspiration?: I find inspiration in other entrepreneurs, seeing other small business owners taking this daily challenge of going in and working hard and staying open. This is a time where many storefront businesses close their doors. So to know that they are pushing forward through difficult times gives me inspiration to know that this is something I can do to be successful.

How has your business made you a better person?: Watching the salon grow and become a brand that many love, support and need, it will put a fire inside to make you want to do more. Those people count on you and want you to do well. It will cause you to do those self checks on a daily basis and never give up.

What makes you HUMAN?: The high and the lows, having those moments when I cry, realizing I’m not perfect, the laughter, the good times. It's those life changing moments embracing the highs and lows will make you human.



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