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In the world of podcasts, Duolystic exists to give women a voice. The traditional roles of women are changing and consequently women are speaking up on things that matter and things that are important to them! The Duolystic podcast is edgy and founded by two women, one being Klashae Bullard from Cedar Hill, TX, who pride themselves on being free and true gemini’s. Stack your gems ladies, the Duolystic podcast can be added to your self-help arsenal.

What inspired you to start your business and why?: What inspired me and my partner to start Duolystic podcast was our observation that were wasn’t enough women of color represented in the podcast world. We wanted to give women the outlet to be comfortable with themselves to talk about everything from relationships, love, sex, life, self love, etc.

What does your company stand for?: Duolystic is a combination of two Gemini’s. Duo means two which is a double meaning for the zodiac sign as well as there being two of us.

How do you create the life you want?: I create the life I want by just doing it! There is nothing else to do but to just DO IT!

Where do you find inspiration?: I find inspiration through black art. I literally will look on Pinterest for inspiration. I am in love with photography. It is amazing to see what a artist sees.

How has your business made you a better person?: My business has helped me to be free, to speak up and not be afraid to. In an industry that is filled with men, just having the confidence to love self and be confident talking about things men feel like only they are allowed to speak on.

What makes you HUMAN?: What makes me HUMAN? Good question. Being free and accepting who I am is beautiful. Regardless of the mistakes I make and the way people may view me - being HUMAN is embracing the flaws!



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