Love for Thrifting & Creating!


Wanting to create the life you want? Brittany Parrish of (@ByoVintage) in San Antonio, TX has four ways to do it.

(1) Practicing the Law of Attraction
(2) Not living in fear and just DOING it, whatever that it is.
(3) Being thankful for everything I have
(4) Setting goals and sticking to the plan until they are executed
….You can be well on your way!

What inspired you to start your business and why?:

I have always loved thrifting, ever since I was a kid! All the great treasures just waiting to be found there. As I grew older, and started coming into my style, I wanted to be different and stand out. I knew shopping at the thrift stores would allow this with all the unique pieces you can find! I started becoming creative with my styles and how I would put them together. I then wanted to offer this to others! A way to be able to buy affordable vintage pieces for those also wanting to express their style but may not have the eye or patience to sift through the countless number of items in a thrift store. Thus, ByoVintage (BeYourOwnVintage) was developed!

What does your company stand for?:

It stands for self expression. Being true to yourself and bringing out your creativity and uniqueness through Thrifted or vintage pieces!

Where do you find inspiration?:

I find inspiration in everything! Nature, design, history, fashion, my inner thoughts. I’m inspired by everything!

How has your business made you a better person?:

It’s made me a better person because I love helping people and it’s allowed me to do that more! It’s helped me become an entrepreneur which takes a different mindset and aspire to just be and do more!

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Social Media Handles: @vinty_fresh (personal)

@byovintage (store)


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