Tailor made designs for the curvy, voluptuous, and modern woman

There is nothing worse than finding an outfit or store you like that doesn’t have your size nor will it ever. Trendy and cute shouldn’t stop at certain sizes; that creates the idea of adopting unhealthy habits just to fit in…..LITERALLY... just to fit in the clothes! Nicole Clark said no more! Wole’ Designs is “for the curvy, voluptuous and modern woman” so no more having to make do with what is available. Nicole went from designing for herself due to not having options to designing for the public so that no other woman has to feel there aren’t options. We all know how important options are in this vein and we are glad Nicole is challenging the industry to make every women feel beautiful. Meet the Queen of Plus-Sized Design!



 What inspired you to start your business and why?: I am sure you are familiar with the excitement you feel coming across the perfect outfit only to be told this is not made in your size.

That was me … in middle school, high school, college, in life. My problem was that I am tall, really tall, AND curvy, so the only clothing that I could find to fit me was in the misses section at my moms favorite store.

While my friends and classmates had trendy clothing, I dressed in very basic neutrals. There were not many options for me. Ultimately, I would purchase women's clothing and alter them to fit my plus-size frame. I started designing out of necessity. It was a sudden job loss that gave me the courage to take my designs to the next level. I know first hand the difficulty many face searching for plus-sized clothing that fits and flatters our unique shape. Now, I have built a brand around their wants and needs as a plus-size woman. I am dedicated to providing you clothing that is sexy, sophisticated that makes them look and feel beautiful!


What does your company stand for?: Wole’ (pronounced Woah - Lay) is all about tailor made designs for the curvy, voluptuous, and modern woman. My company was developed because great fashion, quality and style should be possible for anyone at every age. By staying true to our philosophy and never sacrificing quality, Wole' helps you obtain beautiful, radiant, and fashion forward pieces that allow your personality to shine through!

How do you create the life you want?: My ultimate goal has always been to live life on my terms. I don't have all of the answer to do that, but as I have listened to my intuition, aligned my energy, and walked in the direction of my dreams....everything has always and continues to work out for me.

Where do you find inspiration?: I find inspiration all over! I like to travel and I pick up inspiration from a beautifully done painting at a museum. The colors in sad or sunset. Vibrant makeup or deep colors of jewels on the ceilings of temples.

How has your business made you a better person?: Absolutely YES! It has allowed me to mature in so many aspects of life. This is the vehicle which will allow me to effect the change that I want to see in the world.

What makes you HUMAN?: I procrastinate. If it is a task that I do not want to do...(ex. washing clothes) I will wait until the very last piece of underwear before I even begin to sort my clothes and wash. Folding .....now that's another topic all together LOL






Website: http://www.woledesigns.com

Social Media Handles: IG: @wole_designs

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Email: contactus@woledesigns.com


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