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It’s crazy that many products we use contain harsh chemicals that are NOT as beneficial as their gimmick implies. Shocker right?! No, not really. Many people don’t look at labels; it’s like shape, color, price and a catchy phrase are enough to make a decision on a product. Thankfully, we have people like Tiffany McCullough that decided to cut through the crap with her business JUNGLE and provide beauty/home care products that are what they say they are...ALL NATURAL. Tiffany’s passion to provide quality products stemmed from her mother’s illness that was associated with a product she was using; good enough to give to the family, good enough for me.



 What inspired you to start your business and why?: My mother inspired the birth of my business. After a doctors appointment my mother informed me that her doctor gave her a stern warning to stop using perms and to utilize caution with her beauty care products. The doctor directly associated my mother's illness to her product use. At that time, I went on a mission to research the ingredients that my mother, my household and I were using on a daily basis. I was disappointed with my findings. To know that the beauty industry was supplying families with chemical-filled, synthetic-based products angered me. From that point, I began blending natural and organic, healthy formulations to provide to my mother, my household and to my community.

What does your company stand for?: The JUNGLE brand stands for quality and honesty. I have worked hard to ensure that our clients trust my formulations and know that they are going to get an experience with each use. Never do I want my clients or potential clients to worry about the ingredient listing, except for checking for healthy ingredients that they may be allergic to. In terms of quality, we deliver. For example, there are many inexpensive, minimally beneficial oils that many companies are using as base oils, yet are charging a premium because the formulation is all-natural. I not only strive for a natural/organic formulations -- I strive to use the most beneficial fixings as my base. A premium price warrants a premium product.


JUNGLE provides a healthy, artisan alternative to beauty care and home care products. We pride ourselves on delivering very aromatic blends. No need to pick apart our product label... it's all good

How do you create the life you want?: It took me years to learn how to live MY best life. I had to learn to appreciate all facets of ME -- the good, the bad and the ugly. I had to trust that what I have to offer in business and relationships is enough and that the gifts that God has given me is more than enough.

I create the life I want by filtering everything through who I was created to be -- a tangible view of this is through vision boards for my relationships, business and ministry.

I don't hold back. I run towards fear. I take on challenges. I travel without hesitation and I network freely. Ultimately, I am living the life that I can look back on without saying "I wish I would have..."

Where do you find inspiration?: I find inspiration in abstract art. I absolutely love wacky, weird and "abnormal" artwork. I think its beautiful. I surround myself with artwork and words of affirmation in my creative space. It helps me to think outside of the box.

How has your business made you a better person?: The peaks and valleys of entrepreneurship births patience and humility. Having built my business form the ground (in the basement of my parents home) with $75 and no savings, I am extremely humbled by where my business has grown to today. As an introvert, networking was a tremendous challenge for me. If I could, I would work from my basement everyday without having to sit in meetings and speak to people about my business. Fortunately, in order to be successful, I had to break out of my mold and explore beyond myself. Getting out of the house, going to events and initiating conversations and meetings, has helped me to learn about other people, other ideas and has helped me to live more freely!

What makes you HUMAN?: My flaws, my quirky moments, my occasional tears, my failures, my success, my laughter, my stretch marks, my nappy hair, my big eyes, my creative mind, my fat fingers, my love... all makes me human. I love the good and the bad about me and aim for excellence over perfection. As a human I make mistakes -- it can't be prevented and that's okay; and I also let others know that it's all a part of being HUMAN!






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