Why Beauty Matters from the Inside Out

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The life of a woman can get pretty busy. Whether it’s juggling work-life demands, taking care of kids or balancing social life, you deserve to still look great doing it. Now, with on the go lifestyles, beauty product awareness is sometimes overlooked. Luckily, LaKeisha Entsuah owner of Elements of Aliel in Lansdale, PA has done the hard part and created a line of healthy beauty products through her business Elements of Aliel. After giving birth and struggle with fertility, LaKeisha used her pharmaceutical manufacturing experience to create products that were free of toxins and harmful chemicals. She attributes motherhood to helping her understand the care of oneself as well as care of the baby. She’s a believer that a better self-care routine can enhance your life. In the spirit of healing from the inside out meet LaKeisha, the Queen of Aliel!

 Where do you find inspiration? or the inspiration to keep going?: I find inspiration in my family, every time I hear someone say that they are suffering from a skin issue or are having a hard time fitting self care into their schedule. Listening to the needs of those closest to me makes me want to create a solution. A simple conversation about dry skin may lead me to weeks of research and sometime new products.

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What does your company stand for?: The company motto is “Self Care through Skincare”. We want women to be healthy above all else so we provide them with beauty products that support that journey. We focus on ingredient safety and quality, taking a less is more approach to ensure that the quest for beauty does not compromise health. In this way we are helping women to care for the whole self not just the outer self.

How has your business made you a better person?: I have always thrived off of helping people make healthier choices. Running this business has taken that to a whole new level. Since I formulate every product myself, I do a lot of research on ingredients. This has opened my eyes to so many different cultures and traditions from all over the world. I think that exposure though books makes me more open to those people in real life. As an introvert this has been a huge shift in my life.

How do you create the life you want?: As an entrepreneur, especially when you are running your business mostly by yourself, it is so easy to work to the point of burnout. I don’t personally believe in the idea of balance, all areas are not created equal. Instead I try to live my life in order and for me that means in a hierarchy of faith, family and then business. By establishing that hierarchy I am able to set boundaries for my time and energy. This allows me to give each area of my life exactly what it deserves.

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What makes you HUMAN?: My ability to accept myself, flaws and all is what makes me human. I use to get so caught up in chasing the idea of perfectionism that I was missing the beauty of my journey. I’ve realized that progress is better than perfection and strive to enjoy every stage of the process.

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