Ignite an Island Experience with this Houston-Based Company


With her Carribean roots and knack for Island-Infused aromas, Denise Williams uses her brand to ignite an island experience. Currently residing in Houston, Denise uses her brand to spread love and genuine acceptance of people. She’s the girl next door with an array of natural products to make you feel like you're on a much-needed vacation.  Meet Denise Williams owner of Island Kissez!

Tell Us More about your business:

I create natural bath, body & skincare products as well as head wraps. All of my products are created with high-quality ingredients to ensure that my clients get the best for their body.

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What was your inspiration for starting your company?

Working in the beauty industry and my love of creativity sparked my interest in beauty and natural skin care products. I was encouraged and supported by my family and close friends so I started creating products in my studio. I choose aromas that are desirable to everyone and I also choose quality materials to obtain the best results for my customers

Why did you choose the name Island Kissez? 

I chose the name Island Kissez to pay homage to my Caribbean background.  I was born on the beautiful island of St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands.  This beautiful destination is where I drew my love of art and creativity.  The variety of products were handcrafted to whisk you away to experience the essence of the Caribbean. The feel of the sandy beaches beneath your toes are contained in the body scrubs.

What does your company stand for?:

My company was created out of love. It's not only about making sales. It's about teaching people how to love themselves by taking excellent care of themselves. 

What makes you HUMAN?:

I am human because I have empathy for others. I get to know people without judging them because of appearance. I respect myself and others. I love!


Website: http://www.islandkissez.com

Email: info@islandkissez.com

Social Media Handles: www.twitter.com/islandkissez




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