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Get Phit virtually with PhitPhoenix! Tori Leigh Smith, an ISSA Certified Trainer and former Texas Tech track star, began PhitPhoenix with convenience in mind. PhitPhoenix is a virtual fitness coaching program aimed at getting and keeping you in shape by cultivating healthy lifestyle habits. Through PhitPhoenix, Tori provides meal and fitness plans, accountability, playlists, medication techniques; essentially everything you need to be successful in your journey to fitness. Whether you are in the beginning stages of weight loss or advanced, PhitPhoenix meets you where you are with leveled workouts. In this interview, the fitness queen shares her vision and explains what sets her apart from the competition.

Q: What is your business about?

A: PhitPhoenix is a virtual online program that utilizes a holistic approach to develop a fit lifestyle. PhitPhoenix provides practical tools and information to incorporate into everyday life. A perfect fit for anyone that is new to fitness seeking structure, organization, and guidance, or for anyone familiar with fitness seeking to snap back. PhitPhoenix serves as great jump start or refresher to get back in the groove!

Q: What inspired you to start your company?

A: People often stopped me to ask "what gym do you go to?" The surprised reactions always led to conversations about what they should be doing to achieve their personal fitness goals. This lead me to develop an online platform that organized all of my fitness knowledge to share with the world in the most practical way.

Q: What are the advantages of using PhitPhoenix as opposed to other fitness methods?

A: PhitPhoenix is the leader in convenience. This program can be done anywhere and falls into place with the users' schedules. Users will literally save hundreds by circumventing the gym, in-person training, meal preparation services, and private consultations. The program thoroughly breakdowns down HOW to develop a fit lifestyle through exercise demonstrations, meal prep instructions (from the grocery aisle to the frig), and self-care tips on becoming a better you. The holistic lifestyle transition is made practical through the online program. PhitPhoenix is the total transformation one-stop shop.

Q: How do you provide motivation and encourage consistency from your clients using an online platform?

A: My online platform has discussion boards that users can use to contact me directly as their virtual coach, or even share in their journey with other users that may be experiencing similar issues or curiosities. My platform also allows me to check user progress from the back end, giving me the ability to chime in if a user has potentially stalled. Daily post on social media allows me to lend words of encouragement and detailed information about all aspects of the program.

Q: What does your company stand for?

A: PhitPhoenix aims to develop, nurture, and maintain good physical, mental, & spiritual health practices within a hectic schedule. PhitPhoenix shows any and everyone how to live "life on phire."

Q: What makes you HUMAN?:

A: The awareness that failure is inevitable but resilience is the key to success.





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