Thin or fine hair? This brand is specifically for you!

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By: Ade,

Thin or fine hair? This brand is specifically for you! There is such an enormous focus on thicker, fuller hair, that sometimes our sisters with thin/fine hair, or those who have certain health conditions which lead to hair loss, are left to suffer in silence. Haircredible is a luxury hair care line catering to women with natural-fine, thin hair, and low porosity.

What inspired you to create Haircredible?

I was inspired because I was going through a very depressing time in my life suffering from Alopecia. I had 10 huge bald spots that showed nothing but skin and needed the injections in my head just to get it to grow back. Once I got those painful injections, the doctor told me I needed to do 3 more treatments because my hair would not grow back at all without them. He said, "there is NO hair care line that is going to have your hair grow past that couple of strands". So, I thought, if there was no line to grow my hair, THEN I WILL CREATE IT! And that is exactly what I did.

What does your company stand for? 

Our mission is to build confidence and empower our community of women with fine and thin hair. Many women aspire to be like the women they see publicized with thicker and fuller textures. We want our Queens to embrace their crowns and love their fine/thin hair because it’s beautiful too! You just have to know how to work it, that’s all. Our hair is not called FINE for no reason ;-)

What sets Haircredible apart from other hair companies?

What set us apart from other companies is the fact that we are not a "for all hair types" brand. We cater to Natural Fine Hair, Thin Hair, and Low Porosity. Our formulas are lightweight and high quality to make sure your fragile strands get all the vitamins it needs without overloading or weighing it down. Our hair can't use "for all hair types" products because what you use on your thick beautiful hair, we can’t! No one was catering to our Fine and Thin hair needs, so I made myself the face and voice of our community.

Should we expect any new products from Haircredible in the future?

 Yes yes! We are actually working on another line right now to add to the collection! It’s super top secret, but OMG! I can’t wait to show off our line. So many lines are coming out with all these new oils, but with natural, fine hair and thin hair, too much oils will weigh our hair down completely. So, this ingredient and this new line we are playing around with--a specific fruit that is so tasty, yet filled with so many vitamins and OMG! There are so many benefits you can get from it and we are not just talking hair! So yes! Expect the new new in 2018! Owww!  

We are also preparing for retail in 2018, so our main goal is to let our community know we are here and not going anywhere. Us women with fine and thin hair are very insecure, due to our fragile, lifeless strands and it makes it no better when only thicker, fuller textures are being promoted and shown off. If you are struggling with thin hair look no further! Haircredible is here for natural-fine and thin hair; it’s time to embrace your beautiful, fragile strands! Our hair isn’t called FINE for no reason now! ;-)

 What makes you HUMAN?:

 Hmmm lol... the fact that I am a mom of 5, engaged to my lovely soon to be husband, and have been building my beauty empire since 2010. I am now blossoming and walking into my calling and finally getting Haircredible out to the world.

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