Positive Representation Through Art!


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Art that celebrates you. Monique Cleveland is a Raleigh-based artist and full-time art teacher. She received her Bachelor's Degree of Art & Design from North Carolina State University in 2010. Her company, Sugah Acrylics, strives to highlight and celebrate the inner strength of women through art. Sugah Acrylics is the visual embodiment of the empowered woman, featuring alluring artwork with identifiable attitudes and personalities.  

When did you begin painting?

I first began painting in high school for a fun means of expression. With plans to become a fashion designer when I attended college, I quickly found that I enjoyed creating positive images of black women through illustrations and paintings more. Soon, painting became a way for me share my art with others, so they too could have pieces of positive representation in their homes. 

What does your company stand for?

Sugah Acrylics stands to represent the sweet and sensual side of women, with a goal to promote education, imagination, and sass, all of which are visible in the art. It is meant to inspire and empower women and young girls to thrive. 

How do you gain inspiration for your art?

The versatility of the black woman helps me to gain inspiration. The challenge of trying to capture the beauty and strength of the black women is the motivation. Hair, fashion, popular culture, grace and the form of the black woman is remarkable. Creating art that captures the inner essence of these elements is a rewarding challenge.

What can we expect to see in the future?

Expect to see larger scale creations from Sugah Acrylics, social pieces that capture or respond to the events of today and, the fun styles and legends of the 90s culture 

What makes you HUMAN?

Mistakes make me human. I am humbled to know that my success comes from hard work, patience, persistence, and God. Art is a reflection of life, and being human allows me to connect and relate to other African Americans like myself as we share experiences, struggles, triumphs, and dreams.


Website: http://www.sugah.org

Email: sugah.org@gmail.com

Social Media Handles: ig: @sugahacrylics

twitter: @sugahacrylics

Facebook: Sugah Acrylics



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