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Need to recharge? Holistree Retreats is an individualized, all-inclusive escape that includes meditation, coaching and much more! After moving to the west side of Puerto Rico, founder Hollis Gray, discovered herself engaging in some much needed healing while basking in blissful 80 degree weather. It was then that she realized her “healing privilege” and “decided that everyone should have the opportunity should they choose to heal.” Gray encourages women to embrace the journey of self-discovery, healing and love through exclusive retreats tailored to meet the needs of those involved.

Meet Hollis Gray owner of Holistree in Washington, DC and Luquillo, PR!

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What inspired you to start your business and why?

I started Holistree because of my own healing journey and a moment of realization. I left the DMV area a little over two years ago with two suitcases and one box. I moved to Puerto Rico with no real plan and no real reason except I needed to get away. It wasn't until 6 weeks into my island escape that I realized my privilege in being able to pack up and leave, in mustering up faith in confidence. I literally had the idea as I laid in my hammock in 80 degree weather. I wanted to create a safe space for women much like the one I had; a space for women to come un-done, to come together, to feel inspired. I call it your "ah-ha" moment. Thus Holistree was created. It began as just a retreat getaway business but quickly grew into something much more. We now include Workshops, Conferences, Events, Support and so much more calling it "Women Empower". Every time a woman writes us or sends a message telling us how much her experience in one of our offerings helped shift her, I know Holistree is living its purpose.

 What does your company stand for?

We stand for Empowerment, Support, Sisterhood, Community/Tribe.

How do you create the life you want?

I set the intention to always check in with myself. Being honest with myself first and foremost allows me to create the life I want (and I am certainly living it).

Where do you find inspiration?

My inspiration comes from my own tribe. My heart-centered family. Watching them all grow and stay dedicated to their own self-care really is inspiring. On the days I feel like I'm depleted, it's usually one of my sisters that reminds me of my power. I really am quite fortunate to have the bond with my tribe. They are absolutely amazing, magnificent women.

How has your business made you a better person?

My business has pushed and stretch me in ways that makes me stay in a space of authenticity. I can't serve any of my clients if my own self-care isn't my top priority. I have to practice what I teach, and that has definitely made me a better person. I didn't always put myself and spirit first. I'm wiser today because of it.

 What makes you HUMAN?

Great Question! I think my ability to connect with others. I see people in such a magical way; I believe that's why what we do at Holistree resonates with so many.  My connection and the ability to create a safe space unique to each individual makes me human.


Website: http://www.holistree.com

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FB: HolistiTree | Email: hollisg@holistree.com

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