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The sold out syndrome is real and the fact is most people are obsessed with it. But what if you don’t sale out of your first real event? 😅  Is it an indicator that you should pause or does it mean to keep pressing forward? We wanna help U out.

Here’s 4 things to getting back on track when your planning is a little sketchy:  

1.  Make your event more personal. Create an actual campaign around the event that gives facts and lets people know who’s running things behind the scenes.

2. Make things limited with a strict deadline. Have a ticket sales cut off time. Make sure guests know when things are due. Call-To-Actions are a good way to get what you need ahead of time so you can plan accordingly.

3. Build the anticipation for your event. Countdowns are a good way to do this. Also, when your event is all said and done, have previews ready for the next year of your event.

4. Partner with media companies or brands that can help promote. It wouldn’t even hurt to give away a few tickets to their readers to connect with a variation of audiences you may not know about.

4. And if it doesn’t go the way you planned. Adjust and really...just keep going. Consistency is key.

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