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The Timeless Issue

FROM THE EDITOR:  Everyone has something — whether it’s producing a love child or love itself for another human being, most of us have something we want to create that outlives us. Legacy.

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FROM THE EDITOR: I want this issue to encourage you to UP THE COMPLETENESS in your life. We're giving away FREE advice on rising in communication, creating a home of peace and the life you want, loving yourself and body in its natural state, and using the power of music to transition through life's stages! I feel when you start to improve all areas of your life it eventually makes life sweeter, more organized and more complete. Cheers to the WHOLE NEW YOU!

HoneyBeNatural (2016)



FROM THE EDITOR: I appreciate every reader and I appreciate the women in this issue who’ve shared their “weird” with me in our ROUGE Issue photoshoot. We borrowed the Southside Lamar Rooftop in Dallas, TX for an evening of authenticity. If we can make a small dent in a world where everyone is the same - then our job is done! As you flip through the pages of this issue, we encourage you to be unique, different and celebrate the uncommon things about you!

HoneyBeNatural (2016)

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IN THIS ISSUE: In this issue we gathered letters from mothers, aunts, grandmothers and mentors. We wanted them to write letters to their daughters or to their unborn daughters. We find that through these writings some women found healing and encouragement. 

HoneyBeNatural (2016)