Circumstances tarnished your smile,

Heartbreaks left you feeling broken,

Some lying dude got you feeling hopeless,

The word NO broke your confidence,

Silence got you feeling forgotten,

No direction, now you feeling lost,

Big dreams, little faith, worried about the cost,

No support, now you want to give up,

Fake friends told your secrets, you allowed shame to seep in,

Smile at those circumstances and shine,

Pick up the broken pieces and love the heck out of your new man,

Find joy in your truth,

Keep trying and somebody will say yes to you,

Embrace the silence and listen to it speak,

Keep traveling; your final destination is a beautiful place,

Keep dreaming, chasing, wake up and live your life,

Support yourself,

Only keep the real ones around, the ones that lift you up and check you if needed,

Rise, you already won, stop acting like you’ve been defeated,


Written By: Marquisha Applewhite

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