Dear Weary Girl

Dear Weary Girl,

I see you and I feel you.

My eyes were filled with those same tears not long ago.

You give people your all and when it comes to you they half step.

They forget about you and all of your dedication.

They skip you and give you no participation.

Dry your eyes sweet girl.

Let me tell you about all of the jewels that you possess.

You just don’t know how much you’ve been blessed.

There will never be another person who shows up like you do.

There will never be hands that volunteer and stay until the task is completely through.

There will never be a smile that lightens up a dark room like yours.

There will never be ears that listen so attentively.

There will never be someone who gives so freely.

There will never be another soul that makes my spirit happy like yours.

Weary girl,

I’m a living witness, it gets better girl.

Written By: Marquisha Applewhite

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