Pole Dancing

Pole Dancing

A strength that you never knew you had until the day that you decided to use it.

Flex those arm and leg muscles before you lose it,

How sexy is that?

A woman who grips her problems and takes full control.

She struts up, roll up, darn she’s bold.

Dropping confidence down and twirling around gracefully.

She lets the hate from others motivate her tastefully.

Wall dancing, she’s just being free.

Focused on her goals, 20/20 you see.

Stripped down worry and picked peace up.

Found her addiction and it wasn’t in a cup.

Four inch heels it became real.

She embraced every piece and started prancing.

She gripped life tightly and slowly started dancing.

“Be a woman who grips life with both hands and romance the heck out of it.”

Written By: Marquisha Applewhite

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