Black Lips Are

Black Lips Are

Unexplainable at times,

Times have changed, but so many lips still suffer.

Suffering from being this darker color,

Suffering from being this fuller shape,

Suffering from being from another area code,

Suffering from a culture that you refuse to understand,

 Suffering because my hair texture varies from day to day,

Suffering because God created me this way,

Lips Beautifully crafted,

Kiss me.

Kiss my beautiful lips and I’ll change your life forever.

Just get to know me beyond the color that you see.

I’m HUMAN just like you.

Black Lips we will be okay.

It’s just so hurtful that so many people in the world feel this way,

Black lips one day it will all be over.

Pucker up and stay strong.

Written By: Marquisha Applewhite


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