Happy Anniversary

As I meditate…… Anniversary

I think of these things

A milestone

An accomplishment

A celebration

People who have blessed you

Haters who wished for your downfall,

I’m looking at you and you’re still standing tall.

You did it because it was your passion.

It was never about you, but about your gift instead.

It was about you walking in your purpose and being spirit lead.

It was never about you traveling all around the world.

It was about you touching the people that tapped into the HoneyBeNatural world.

Inspire, empower, motivate, and do it naturally was what you were after.

Your whole team has some unfinished chapters.

Stay tuned because as they walk into their purpose you will be blessed by their gifts.



So thankful

Happy Anniversary HoneyBeNatural, the sky is the limit.

“One woman decided to follow her dreams and with that she awakened the souls of many.”

“One woman can change the mane of many women and inspire them greatly to transition into whom they are destined to be.”

I’sha Gaines you are a Curlblazer! I am wishing you blessings today and each day after.

Happy Anniversary!

Written By: Marquisha Applewhite

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