You were in a hurry to undress me.

Please allow me to do it for you.

Carefully slipping away all my garments before I let you in,

Naked standing before you,

Yes, I sculptured beautifully.

 Keep your hands to yourself for just a minute.

Let me massage your ears with my truth.

No garments on, I’m just hanging loose.

A broken hearted woman underneath this golden skin,

A strong little woman behind this million dollar grin,

A woman who has walked alone when she couldn’t find a friend,

A tired spirit from being used and abused,

Now, I have your attention, are you still amused?

A woman who has given all that she has.

A woman who use to be transparent as glass,

A woman who has been neglected,

A woman who is exhausted,

A woman who cries herself to sleep,

A woman who is filled with secrets that she has decided to keep,

A woman who doesn’t trust,

A woman who worries,

There you have it, I’m Naked!

Do you still want to touch me?

“All of me is a part of me, you just can’t pick out various parts of me.”

Written By: Marquisha Applewhite

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