Negativity gets praised.

Positivity overlooked.

People don’t want you until they think that you’re making money.

It’s amazing how people won’t even acknowledge you.

When dreams begin to align with assets, they’ll label you as acting funny!


Loyal support is when people can look beyond your present circumstances and see the potential brightness in your future.

Loyal support invests in you; they never try to rob from you.

Loyal support never sleeps; it’s always awake giving you its undivided attention.

Loyal support laughs and cries.

Loyal support seeks wisdom; shout out to the late great Maya Angelou…..Still I Rise!

Loyal support knows without a doubt you’re destined for greatness.

Loyal support embraces and appreciates your gifts.

Loyal support speaks the truth even if it hurts.

Negativity gets praised.

Positivity overlooked.

Loyal support may be few in number.

However, the blessings that are due for you, no one in the world can take from you.


“Keep working on your dreams, even when people are trying to force you to quit. Your dreams are not employed by them; they can never fire you.”

 Written By: Marquisha Applewhite

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