This beautiful woman

This beautiful soul

Words can’t explain, but I’ll try

This girl has been there in and out of season no lie.

She tells me the truth and hugs me if it hurts.

She tells me when I’m wrong and gives Godly advice on how to make it right.

She sits on the phone with me for hours at a time.

She is reliable and I can depend on her.

She shows up and I never have to ask.

She knows how I’m feeling; she can see through me like glass.

She assures me that she’s here forever and no matter what happens our curlship will last.

She knows all of my secrets and loves me so much.

She encourages me to follow my dreams.

She helps me to be better.

She inspires me to be different and be my own unique trendsetter.

This beautiful woman

This beautiful soul

The love I have for her has no end; I love her endlessly, my Curlfriend!

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Written By: Marquisha Applewhite

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